As an NDU graduate, you are automatically part of the global NDU Alumni community. NDU Alumni enjoy special treatment from their alma mater. As a vital part of the NDU community, alumni are eligible for a variety of benefits and services. We are pleased to announce that the NDU Alumni Affairs Office has been busy setting up and working actively with different units and departments to provide our alumni with privileges that can assist them in their personal and professional pursuits.

The various benefits and services include but not limited to:
Counseling Services, Access to library resources, career services, recreational centers, computer facilities, continuing education, visa card, events invitations, request for transcript, etc.

The privileges will be posted on the NDU Alumni website as soon as the agreements are approved by the University Council and sealed by the President of NDU.

For additional information about alumni privileges, please contact:

The Alumni Affairs Office
Notre Dame University (NDU)
Upper floor of SAO near the Admissions Office
Phone: 09/218950-1-2 ext: 2303-2313