The NDU Alumni E-news is an initiative of the NDU Alumni Affairs Office – an e-publication that fosters ties with NDU Alumni and a vehicle to highlight alumni and NDU activities. It grew naturally out of the mission and vision of the Alumni Affairs Office: “to acquaint NDU Alumni with significant events, personalities, movements and developments at NDU.” It includes in-depth features as well as shorter profiles of NDU people. Each issue also features class notes in the "Personals" section.

The e-newsletter is designed to “stay in touch” with NDU Alumni and “talk stories” about important happenings within the NDU community. This newsletter will be e-mailed to all alumni and friends who have updated their e-mail addresses at the Alumni Affairs Office. If an alumnus does not receive a copy of the Alumni e-newsletter after registering at the NDU Alumni Affairs Office, he/she can request it via e-mail: Alumni are kindly asked to keep their e-mail address up-to-date with the Office.

All correspondence relating to the editorial content of the newsletter should be addressed to the Director of the Alumni Affairs Office:

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