Digitization & Preservation center (dpc)


Eastern Christian literature is receiving growing attention in the West. The Digital Preservation Project allows documents to be captured on a computer hard disk, and used clearly and easily by scholars and researchers.

Whether digitizing an entire manuscript or a single document, our preservation activities require an archival infrastructure. Archivists will ensure that the collection is properly cataloged, conserved, and periodically migrated to newer media.

Our preservation and publication projects are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. An unpublished text is rarely read, and a text is not preserved in any meaningful sense if it is not read and discussed - if it does not serve the purpose for which the author wrote it. Certainly, these texts have much to contribute, both to historical studies and to contemporary thought and culture. But we are not just serving the needs of scholars and readers. We are also serving Eastern Christian religious communities by helping them recover their literary and spiritual patrimony and by promoting a greater awareness of them and their contributions to history and culture.


The Center works to aid scholars, clergy, governments, and others in the preserving, imaging, and distribution of ancient writings. It offers three important services:

The preservation of significant religious manuscripts by photography, and/or electronic scanning.
The digitization and incorporation of selected manuscripts into searchable electronic databases at minimal cost.
The translation and publication of selected ancient and medieval texts.
Theses three sources allow us:

to be the Second preservation center in the world after BYU preservation center
to publish important manuscripts
to enhance NDU's opportunities for international funding

Digitization Process

1. Receive the manuscripts or the books from the library or any other resource
2. Enter the data of the manuscript into a special database
3. Capture the manuscript
4. Proof read the capturing (make sure we didn't miss any page)
5. CD burning (copy the captured manuscript images to a CD)
6. CD checking
7. Labeling
8. Return the manuscript