About the Office of Sponsored Research & Development

This office coordinates and supervises all activities related to research projects and development endeavors. It issues calls for research proposals for evaluation and follow-up. It carries a plan for book publications covering old manuscripts and contemporary writings in the different disciplines related to the programs offered by the University. It has established the archives of research projects and seminar or conference presentations locally and overseas, prepared by NDU faculty and staff members. The Office coordinates with the following Research Centers, and offices namely:

Center for Applied Research in Education (CARE)
The Center was established on October 1st, 2006. The CARE objectives are: to promote multi-disciplinary research in education; to establish and utilize personal contacts with international academic institutions; to conduct analytical studies on curricula development and policy-making studies in higher educational institutions in Lebanon and Arab countries; to organize academic international conferences in the Arab countries; in order to promote excellence in education.

Digitization & Preservation Center (DPC)
The Center aims to assist mainly scholars, clergy, and governments in the preserving, imaging, and distribution of ancient writings. It offers important services, such as:

  1. The preservation of significant philosophical and theological manuscripts by photography and/or electronic scanning;
  2. The digitization and incorporation of selected manuscripts into searchable electronic databases at minimal cost;
  3. The translation and publication of selected ancient and medieval texts;
  4. The preservation and digitization of any material the University may deem appropriate.

Lebanese Center for Societal Research (LCSR)
The University established a center for research, studies and documentation in the framework of a university research policy that aimed at developing the role of scientific research in the treatment of social, economic, political, educational, ethnical and human issues in society and, further, at activating the contribution of spiritual and civil institutions in this treatment.

Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC)

The political, economic and social conditions in Lebanon and the Middle East were direct reasons for increasing the Lebanese Emigration. However, little is known about it and its impact on the Lebanese social, political, economic and cultural structures. Lebanon feels the basic and immediate need for research studies on the subject, where the LERC can play a significant role in collecting information and conducting the necessary and proper research on this vital issue to Lebanon.

The Center for Marian Studies (MSC)
The Center was established by NDU to act as a center for the “International Pontifical Marian Academy” in Lebanon and the Middle East. The Center was officially inaugurated in November 2003, and was baptized as The Marian Studies Center.

Water, Energy and Environment Research Center (WEERC)
The WEERC aimed at investigating water energy resources, and the state of the environment in Lebanon and the MENA region under its multi-facial aspect. The role of the Center is to develop appropriate strategies and provide training for the proper optimization and integrated management of water and energy use for a prosperous environment.

University International Affairs Office
This Office initiates contacts with overseas universities and development agencies related to higher education.
The purpose of these programs is to support cocurricular activities and collaborative projects that lead to innovative institutional partnerships and exchange plans of action.

NDU Press
Three major steps have been taken by NDU Press to revive book-publishing activities on a professional level:

  • all published books, as of October 2000, carry an ISBN number, which ensures recognition for NDU Press in Lebanon, Europe and the USA as a professional university publishing house.
  • all books are reviewed with a recommendation to the President before a final decision for publication is made. Specialized scholars are consulted to support such recommendations and decisions.
  • an agreement with a distribution agency has been worked out by which all books by NDU Press are distributed to major bookshops in Lebanon and overseas.

American Friends of NDU (AFNDU)
The development responsibilities are to keep strong relationships with the NDU-USA Organization established in February 2001 with three Chapters: Washington DC, Detroit and Connecticut.
The objectives of the American Friends Association are:

  • to establish a strong cultural link in order to bind together graduates, friends, former students, and former faculty and staff of NDU residing the USA; share, cherish, and promote the educational values and goals of NDU.
  • to build relationships with the American/Lebanese communities.
  • to establish exchange programs with American Universities and other institutions of higher education.
  • to seek the cooperation of public libraries, university libraries and university press offices for exchanges of publications with NDU.
  • to create direct relations with American Publishers especially for textbook orders and library references.
  • to provide financial assistance.