Shouf Campus

Office of the Director
Fr. Hanna Tayar, Director
Br. Charbel Doumani, Assistant to the Director
Mrs. Marie-Reine Bou Nassif Mina, Administrative Assistant

Architecture, Art and Design
Mr. Charbel Akl, Acting Coordinator and Lab Instructor
Ms. Mayssam Bou Hamdan, Secretary

Business Administration and Economics
Dr. Talie Kassamany, Coordinator
Ms. Mayssam Bou Hamdan, Secretary

Dr. Charbel Zgheib, Coordinator
Mrs. Siham Antoun Chalhoub, Secretary

Mr. Vatche Donerian, Coordinator
Ms. Mayssam Bou Hamdan, Secretary

Natural and Applied Sciences
Mr. Jacques Bou Abdo, Coordinator
Mrs. Siham Antoun Chalhoub, Secretary
Mrs. Rêve Berberi Richa, FNAS/FNHS Lab Assistant

Nursing and Health Sciences
Dr. Lara Youssef, Coordinator
Mrs. Siham Antoun Chalhoub, Secretary
Mrs. Rêve Berberi Richa, FNAS/FNHS Lab Assistant

Office of Admissions
Ms. Maya Abou Khzam, Admissions Officer
Mrs. Sahar Abboud Moussa, Admissions Assistant

Office of the Registrar
Mrs. Nancy Khoury Jurdy, Assistant Registrar

Student Affairs Office
Mrs. Denise Nassif Saad, SAO Officer

Business Office
Mr. Elie Bou Abdo, Senior Accountant

Ms. Isabelle Bittar-Ghanem, Library Supervisor
Mrs. Marina Bou Karroum Beainy, Library Assistant

Computer Center
Mr. Jean Hedary, Technical Support Specialist
Ms. Viviane Moussa, Assistant in the Computer Center

Office of Public Relations
Mr. Jack Bou Nassif, Public Relations Officer

Pastoral Work
Fr. Walid Nassif, University Chaplain

Telephone Services
Ms. Rona Bouez, Information Desk

Security Services
Mr. Pierre Daoud, Security Supervisor
Mr. Antoine Lahoud, Security Guard
Mr. Abdo El Hayek, Security Guard
Mr. Fadi Antoun, Security Guard
Mr. George Habib, Security Guard
Mr. George Nader, Security Guard
Mr. Saïd Bou Nassif, Security Guard
Mr. Youssef Oudaimy, Security Guard
Mr. Louis Saadeh, Security Guard
Mr. Said Yazbeck, Security Guard

Cafeteria Services
Mrs. Antoinette Jraidy, Senior Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Jihane Bou Abdo Mouawad, Cafeteria Worker
Ms. Daed Bou Nassif, Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Fadia Keyrouz Madi, Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Roula Khattar Antoun, Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Rita Razzouk Daoud, Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Maya Nehme Atallah, Cafeteria Worker

General Services Office
Mr. Zahi Jadallah, Assistant to the Director for General Services
Ms. Jeanette Younes, Secretary
Mr. Toni Bou Abdo, Maintenance Worker
Mr. Abdo Mghames, Gardener
Mr. Dib Haddad, Gardener
Mr. Charbel Saadeh, Driver
Mr. Kozhaya Richa, Driver
Mr. Refaat Nasr, Services Worker

Dr. Youssef Boueiz