Community Service Office


'We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give'

With revived spirit, everlasting enthusiasm and under its motto: Believing, Crossing, Achieving, the Community Service Office (CSO) through the Student Affairs Office (SAO), would like to call for volunteers.

The CSO will act as your link to a range of NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations) that count on us to help carry out their various projects and activities. Based on this set-up, the recruitment procedure will take place accordingly.

By simply sending and e-mail to, you will immediately become one of our Ambassadors, who not only serve the community at large but also act as an amenity for positive change.

Our main partners are:

If you can't do great things,
Mother Teresa used to say,
do little things with great love.

The NDU Mission Statement takes its spirit from the watchwords of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God : Modesty, sacrifice, limitless giving, and working in silence.

Thank You for being an integral part of this Mission!

N.B. : Kindly fill out the application form and return it tho the CSO

Download the Application Form