Community Service Office

Hands and Hearts Plan

On the occasion of Independence Day and Tree Day, Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) students within the Community Service Office (CSO)/Student Affairs Office (SAO) in collaboration with TERRE – Liban (, spent the day at Baabda Forest, “Monk’s Trench” (خندق الرهبان ), for environmental action.

This endeavor is part of the “Hands and Hearts Plan” launched by the CSO/SAO

The Baabda Forest is the only environmentally protected site in the greater Beirut area, where 50 percent the Lebanese population can reach it in less than half an hour.

This forest is also an important refuge for about 189 species of local and migrating birds. Unfortunately, Baabda Forest experiences destruction on a daily basis due to human activities such as the incessant picking of medicinal plants, dumping of waste products, and fire outbreaks caused by careless campers, as well as the cutting of trees.

For this reason, one of the objectives of Terre-Liban, in partnership with NDU, is to raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development.