Dear Notre Dame University-Louaize Family,

Several years after the establishment of the Marian Studies Center (MSC) at our University, it was decided that varied research in Marianology be pursued. We began this initiative by establishing a Marian collection at the NDU Library to help researchers in their work and to provide free access to all those interested in this field of study.

We found it necessary to identify all Marian topics and make such information accessible to both science and researchers; thereby, making our research useful and valuable.

After years of study and assessment, the MSC found it worthwhile to start Marian research on topics that benefit the Maronite Mariamite Order (OMM), the University, and other institutions belonging to the Order. The Center, therefore, has established certain headings, which might help us learn more about the identity of the OMM and its institutions. As a result, the research reveals a distinctive Marian character, which is the:

1. Virgin Mary in the teachings of the Catholic Church.
2. Virgin Mary in the letters of the popes.
3. Virgin Mary in the monastic law and in the history of its monks and founders.
4. Face of Mary in the writings of the Order.
5. Virgin Mary in the Maronite liturgy.
6. Marian monk and his relevance to the Virgin Mary.
7. Marian code in the institutions of the OMM.
8. Importance of Marian education in the institutions of the OMM.

Those topics constitute a beginning and not an end; we must educe new ideas related to the OMM or its institutions. Given the above, anyone interested in doing such research should contact the MSC at NDU.

Note: Communication through e-mail is essential but insufficient. Representatives of the Center need to meet in person anyone wishing to become a part of this work to ensure that the basis of collaboration is clear from the outset.
(Arabic version)

Rev. Fr. Abdo Antoun
Director, Marian Studies Center