Marian Poetic Club

The Marian Poetry Club is a guild, among others, created by the Marian Studies Center (MSC) at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU). The Club’s main activities involve venerating Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, through poetry recital and poetry reading. For every event it organizes, the Poetry Club invites poets of all faiths or confessions given that the Club believes in the maternal divinity of Mary, and that she is the mother of all nations. Based on this outlook, the Club encourages everyone to express impressions, feelings, and thoughts about the mother of God.

Each event is based on a particular theme and invited poets are asked to write about it, resulting in an abundance of unique spiritual and dogmatic expressions and proving that all faiths demonstrate sincere love or respect for the Virgin Mary.

In addition to the poets reciting their poems, the Club encourages those interested in this topic to gather similar poems in different languages, select the best one, and post it on their website.

After critically reviewing poetry books, the Club also aspires to demonstrate the Marian Theology and its spiritual meanings. Such a method serves to help the Club organize conferences that focus on exemplary authors and poets, and their notions about the Virgin Mary.