Marian Cultural Exhibition

The Marian Cultural Exhibition is one of a variety of activities organized by the Marian Studies Center MSC at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) and aimed at highlighting the Marian character of the University.
The MSC, therefore, will contribute in its own distinctive way toward the dissemination of the Marian culture through its addresses. Based on this premise, the Marian Cultural Exhibition will not be restricted to a specific set of displays or to a specific category of participants. On the contrary, the Exhibition will welcome everyone and take into consideration all opinions under the explicit condition that participants adhere to the criteria set by the Center and the University in order to support the Center to spread the Marian message.
Action Plan

  1. The event is an annual Marian Cultural Exhibition;
  2. It aims to spread the Marian Culture, especially in its spiritual and theological dimensions;
  3. The MSC, in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design (FAAD), will oversee the exhibition, given that it will be held in the same building occupied by the Faculty;
  4. The Marian Cultural Exhibition opens the door to all contributing participants, who may use either their professional skills or supply Marian exhibits in order to disseminate the Marian Culture;
  5. The exhibition encourages freedom of thought and expression on condition that such expression does not conflict with the good standing of the University;
  6. Cultural programs will be established throughout the exhibition.

Modus Operandi
Based on the explanation above and given that participating in this Exhibition is willingly, we wish to highlight the essential foundations, which will be considered through the following key points:

    • This is a “free-of-charge” Exhibition in which the University does not charge any fees whatsoever; therefore, participants are not allowed to put up items for sale at any point during the Exhibition;
    • The onus is on participants to transfer any items for exhibit to and from the Exhibition at their own expense;
    • The University will provide all basic amenities in the exhibition hall, especially in terms of the safeguarding and storing of exhibits.