Annunciation of Mary

March 25 is the official Feast Day of the Annunciation. Following the government decision to make this day a national holiday in Lebanon, the Marian Studies Center (MSC) at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) consecrated this special day for the youth and for generations to come. Although the MSC bases its activities on academic topics, the Center never neglects the spiritual aspect.

In fact, the University pays particular attention to the Annunciation given that it reflects NDU’s Marian roots more than any other activity. The American system of education and the criteria for Accreditation both insist that all institutions of higher education must have a clear identity. By embracing the Marian identity, the MSC has assured this internationally-recognized criterion for NDU.


The MSC consecrates such activities to students. During the convocation, the MSC encourages students to freely express the theological, spiritual, and social thoughts, concerning the Virgin Mary - for she is the common denominator linking both Christianity and Islam. In fact, Muslims venerate her and many Quranic verses talk about her.