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“No one is going to hand me Success… I must go out and get it myself. That’s why I’m here, to dominate, to conquer… Both the world, and myself” (Unknown)

Life is full of success stories; those stories inspire us, guide us as we design our own path, encourage us when we have a moment of doubt; they push us forward to our own moments of personal success, and in moments of doubts, push us forward…

Abdel Halim Caracalla is certainly someone whose success is an example to emulate; his success came after years of persistence, of belief in the artistic gifts of his team, in his ability to make people dance in their seats as they watched his characters come alive on a stage which never stands still.  Abdel Halim Caracalla is a name known from Sin el Fil, Beirut to Europe, to America, to the four corners of the world, and it is a name synonymous with Lebanese culture.

All those men and women who have stood on the NDU International Film Festival stage in the past 8 years have been admirable: Georges Nasr, Randa Chahal, Jocelyne Saab, Leila Assaf, Nadine Labaki, Raymond Gebara, Emile Chahine, Antoine and Latife Moultaka, and Dureid Laham and others; these men and women are and were master of their art; they did it their own way.

NDU International Film Festival honors those artists, honors their work, their creativity and invites all our young filmmakers to follow in their steps, dare to get on the ladder towards success, take inspiration from their work, imitate their perseverance, their confidence, and their modesty, without forgetting that each one of them created something totally different than the other.

Dear colleagues and friends, the 9th NDU International Film Festival “The Power of Youth”, is I dare say, in itself a success story; This is the ninth year that we have persevered, and because we believe in you, and in your power to shape a new age, to create a world, at least on film, in which all of us can be proud, we ask you to allow us to contribute to the success stories that you are now in the process of writing...

Let all of us together conquer our fears, and show ourselves first, and the world, just how powerful cinema can be...

Sam Lahoud
Founder, Director
NDU International Film Festival

  9th NDU International Film Festival


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