City Street 2




Notre Dame University Louaize is pleased to host this conference and receive its delegates, hoping that they will engage in fruitful academic discussions and equally expand their social networks. For more information about the university, visit

The Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design (FAAD) has organized the CS2 in collaboration with other faculties and administrative offices at NDU.
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The CS2 conference aims to set the stage for further City Street conferences and encourage interdisciplinary, and international research on city streets. Research on this topic is neither bound to one discipline, nor to a single context. It spans various aspects of our everyday lives and intellectual endeavor. Urban planners, engineers, landscape architects and designers, in addition to philosophers, politicians, writers, musicians and artists have addressed city streets, with the aim of reflecting various aspects of the realities of urban streets, and their ever changing role and relation to people.
The City Street2 conference focuses on the roles of disciplines in reforming streets that create barriers into streets that secure communication channels. The conference addresses academics and professionals to reconsider approaches in theory, practice and education for the provision of more communicative and connecting streets, and present their research and findings for discussion and further progress.

Dr. Jean-Pierre El Asmar

Dean Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design