City Street 2


Conference participants should make their own hotel reservations. NDU is located in Zouk Mosbeh, which is north of municipal Beirut. Traffic flow is intense in the mornings in the direction of Beirut, which means that staying in a hotel north of NDU will take some time to reach the campus. Alternatively, staying south of NDU, but not as far as municipal Beirut, might take less time to reach the campus. Travelling from Beirut to NDU might take 45-50 minutes if traffic is congested. Therefore, we suggest that participants stay in hotels located in the following areas: Jounieh (north of NDU) Dbayeh, Jal el Dib or Zalka (all south of NDU).


The following websites provide hotel options located within these areas: 

The CS2 will offer shuttle services from the following hotels, which are near to the NDU campus:

NDU has student housing but any reservations should be made in advance, and before the start of the Fall 2016-2017 Semester at the beginning of September 2016: