Notre Dame University
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
P.O.Box: 72, Zouk Mikael, Lebanon
Phone: +961 9 218950/1/2/3 (Extension 2131-2135)
Direct: +961 9 208222/3
Telefax: +961 9 224803


Dr. Elie Badr, Vice-President, Academic Affairs (VPAA)
Dr. Ghazi Asmar, Assistant Vice-President, Research and Graduate Studies (AVPRGS)
Mr. Simon Abou Jaoude,  Assistant Vice-President, Academic Support (AVPAS)
Dr. Roger Hajjar, Director, Division of Continuing Education
Dr. Lionel Khalil, Director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA)
Dr. Pierre Gedeon, Director of International Relations (DIR)
Ms. Fadia El Hage, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Office
Ms. Nadine Fares, Administrative Assistant, (AVPRGS & AVPAS)
Ms. Rania NajemAdministrative Assistant, (DIR)
Ms. Maya Lahoud, Secretary, (OIRA)