Activity 8 >> Working with the Radio/TV students to improve the available equipment.

Activity 9 >> Making sure that the prices of the cafeteria’s basic items such as sandwiches Nescafe soft drinks and water do not rise.

Activity 10 >> Supervising the food safety standards at the cafeteria and suggesting improvement.

Activity 11 >> Providing the material used by the FAAD students for a price significantly lower than the market price.

Activity 12 >> Assisting the Clubs in providing previous exams, courses’ material, and required software.

Activity 13 >> Organizing a successful book fair where students can exchange their old books for new ones.

Activity 14 >> Working on reintegrating the events involving music into our campus life as these recently banned events have been an important part of NDU’s Social Scene.

Activity 15 >> Providing discount cards and valuable offers for NDU students.