Activity 1 >> Engaging in charity and community work to show the helpful and caring nature of NDU students.

Activity 2 >> Organizing awareness events and seminars in collaboration with the SAO. Topics of interest to the youth generation shall be highlighted.

Activity 3 >> Undertaking initiative toward the environment by participating in environmental campaigns and/or contributing in making our university friendlier to the environment.

Activity 4 >> Increasing the financial aid budget to allow a larger number of students to benefit from these grants.

Activity 5 >> Increasing the seating capacity in the open area to accommodate for the increasing number of students.

Activity 6 >> Installing a new heating system in the upper cafeteria to keep the students warm throughout the winter season.

Activity 7 >> Implementing the career section of the Student Union’s website. This project has been launched last year by the Student Union and approved by the SAO. The implementation will provide NDU students and alumni with thousands of employment opportunitie.