Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office at the University is a service-oriented unit. It provides a number of activities and services to complement the academic work of students and help them actualize their full potential. The office creates healthy physical, social, personal, moral and cultural environments to ensure that students can make the most of their university experience. I- Undergraduate Financial Aid


It is the philosophy of Notre Dame University that students should not be denied the opportunity of furthering their university education because of limited financial resources. The Student Financial Aid Program was established to meet the goal of this philosophy by providing qualified students with financial aid regardless of color, race, gender, religion, nationality, or political affiliation.

The following is a brief description of the various financial aid policy for undergraduate students.

Work Study Grant (WSG)

The work-study grant is designed to assist full-time students with proven financial need to cover part of the cost of their education. Students who qualify as assistants are assigned to various departments or offices in the University.

Students will have to set a schedule for their working hours. The schedule should not conflict with their class schedule and should be signed by the Supervisor and the Financial Aid Officer.

The hourly rate for students on WSG is 4.5% of the actual rate per credit of each major. Students may receive up to 40% of his/her tuition fees through WSG.
Students eligible for a WSG will have the added benefit of developing their working skills as well as gaining a deeper sense of personal responsibility and accomplishment.

  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Have completed 12 credits at NDU (remedial credits not included).
  • Have demonstrated academic potential (cumulative GPA, minimum 2.3/4.0)
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student with a minimum of 12 credits each semester and a minimum of 9 credits during the last semester. Only Interior and Graphic Design students are eligible for WSG in their last academic year, since they are required to take 10 credits in their last two semesters of enrollment. The Chairperson of the Visual Arts department must confirm this.


Any student who has been granted a WSG will be covered for a full academic year (exclusive of summer session) unless:

  • his /her GPA drops below 2.3/4.0 during the first semester.
  • he/she receives a scholarship from another institution exceeding 50% of tuition.
  • he/she benefits from the sibling grant or the scholarship.
  • he/she registers for less than 12 credits during each semester and less than 9 credits during the last semester at NDU.
  • he/she does not fulfill the job requirements assigned by the Financial Aid Officer.
  • he/she does not abide by the rules and regulations of the assignment.
  • it is revealed later that the information submitted is forged.

Undergraduate students may apply for financial aid by filling out an application form which can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Upon taking this application, the student should schedule an interview with the Financial Aid Officer and submit the complete form with the appropriate documents before the official deadline. Every semester, dates and deadlines for obtaining and submitting applications will be updated and posted on the Finalcial Aid bulletin boards and on the NDU Website.

WSG applications must be submitted one semester in advance (for a Spring semester WSG, the application must be received by the Financial Aid Office during the previous Fall semester).

Students applying for WSG may receive a home visit from the Financial Aid Officer. After the procedure is completed, the Financial Aid Committee will review each application carefully and give the appropriate decision.

Dates and deadlines for obtaining and submitting applications will be posted on the Financial Aid Boards and on the NDU bulletin boards each semester, and scheduled in the academic year calendar.

The applications are to be taken and submitted during the previous semester (e.g., you have to apply in the spring semester to benefit for the next fall semester).

For more information, consult the Financial Aid Officer.

Student Employment

Full-time students proving to have special skills which none of the WSG students possess may be employed for the duration of one semester upon the request of Faculty Deans for academic reasons. The Financial Aid Committee will determine the working hours and the hourly rate.


a. Grant for Excellence

Students demonstrating excellence in sports, artistic, cultural, and social activities and representing the university in national and international contests could benefit from a grant ranging from 10 to 15% of tuition as determined by the Financial Aid Committee upon the recommendation of the Director of the Student Affairs Office.


To be eligible for a sports grant, the student has to:
  • join a sports team at NDU
  • complete 12 credits at NDU (remedial credits are not included).
  • be enrolled in 12 credits (remedial credits are not included) each semester, and in at least 9 credits during the last semester
  • maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2
b. Sibling Grant

A sibling grant is given when two or more brothers and/or sisters are registered at NDU with proven financial need. If eligible, each sibling may benefit from a discount ranging from 10% to 25%, based upon need. Benefiting from the grant depends on the Financial Aid Committees decision, which will determine the percentage of reduction to be allocated.


To be eligible for a sibling grant, a student must:

  • Be enrolled as full-time student with a minimum of 12 credits except during the last semester before graduation when the number of credits may drop to 9 credits;
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.
  • Be a sophomore, junior, or senior student (Intensive, Freshman, and Masters students are not eligible)

If one of the siblings does not fulfill the above criteria, the other(s) may benefit if his/her sibling is enrolled in 9 credits minimum for the undergraduate students and in 6 credits minimum for the graduate student. Benefiting from the grant depends on the Financial Aid Committees decision, which will determine the percentage of reduction to be allocated.


Siblings wishing to obtain a reduction on their tuition fees are asked to fill a Financial Aid Application, which is to be studied and approved by the Financial Aid Committee.

The Financial Aid application must be submitted along with the required documents within the period given by the Financial Aid office.

The sibling grant is given for one academic year. The students have to renew their application during the spring semester for the next academic year.

Every semester, dates and deadlines for obtaining and submitting applications will be updated and posted on the Financial Aid bulletin boards and on the NDU website.

Undergraduate Scholarship

The student shall benefit from the program according to the following scale:
Cumulative GPA from 3.40/4.00 to 3.65/4.00 ---------- 25% Scholarship
Cumulative GPA from 3.66/4.00 to 3.79/4.00 ---------- 50% Scholarship
Cumulative GPA from 3.80/4.00 to 4.00/4.00 ---------- 75% Scholarship


To be eligible the student must

  • have completed 12 credits at NDU (remedial credits are not included).
  • be enrolled in 12 credits (remedial credits are not included) each semester and in a minimum of 9 during the last semester.
  • have demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a high cumulative GPA (3.40/4.00 and above).


If the student fulfills the above criteria, he/she does not have to apply, but will automatically benefit from the discount on his/her tuition fees.

II- Clearance - National Social Security Funds

1) Returning Students
Returning student who benefit from the Universitys NSSF have to :

  1. Fill the Form C in PDF format ( ) and mention the NSSF number as

per the Social Security card

Year of birth
Serial #


Returning student who benefit from any Governmental Health System* have to :

  1. Fill the Form B in PDF format ( ).
  2. Attach it with an original statement from the local office you (or your parents) belong to( ), which certifies your benefit.
  3. Attach it with a photocopy of the family status record ( ) not older than one year.

The Social Security covers 80% of your medication, radiology and 90% of your hospitalization. Besides, it is required from the Government for every students registration.

On top of the Form C, B, the statement, and the photocopy of the Family Status Record you must write :

  1. I.D. number featuring on your letter of acceptance
  2. Actual major
  3. Date of Birth (D.O.B.) as per your I.D. ()

N.B: procedure is repeated at the beginning of every academic year.

Students will not be able to register if they do not submit the required documents at the Social Security Office at the SAO.

Students can pick up their appropriate forms from the Social Security Office at the SAO or from the Internet (

2) New students

After obtaining the acceptance letter from the Admissions Office, clearance at the Social Security Office SAO is obligatory from July 4, 2008 and before September 15, 2008.

no Clearance = no Payment = no Registration

New students who do not benefit from any Governmental Health System* have to:

  • fill the Form A1in PDF format ( ) and Form A2in PDF format ( );
  • Attach it with a photocopy the Family Status Record ( ) not older than one year.

New students who benefit from any Governmental Health System* have to:

  • fill the Form B in PDF format ( )
  • Attach it with an original statement from the local office you (or your parents) belong to ( ), which certifies your benefit.
  • attach it with a photocopy of the Family Status Record ( ) not older than one year.

The Social Security covers 80% of your medication, radiology and 90% of your hospitalization. Besides, it is required from the Government for every students registration.

on the top of the Forms A1, B, the statement, and the photocopy of the Family Status Record ( ) you must write:

  • I.D. number as it appears on the letter of acceptance;
  • Actual major;
  • date of birth (D.O.B.) as it appears on the Identity card ( )

The Social Security Fund covers 80% of the medication, radiology and 90% of the hospitalization. Besides, it is a Governmental requirement from every student.

The governmental health plans approved by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) are limited to the following ONLY:

Text Box: (         )  

صندوق تعاونية موظفي الدولة تعاضد القضاة
اساتذة الجامعة اللبنانية
صندوق الوطني للضمانالاجتماعي

السلك العسكري ) صورة عن البطاقة المجددة)


III- Health Services

NDU Infirmary

NDU will provide all NDU students with a variety of health services at the new NDU Infirmary located at the Student Affairs Office in collaboration with Centre de Biologie Moleculaire et Polyvalente BMP in Adonis.

a. The following tests are obligatory for all new students before registration:

  • Blood cell count
  • Blood grouping
  • P.P.D.
  • Serology HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Chest X-ray

All these tests will be administered at the NDU Infirmary for a fee of L.L. 165,000, to be paid in advance at Byblos Bank. This fee will also allow students to benefit from other services provided at the Infirmary.
Any student who is readmitted to NDU after 2 semesters of absentia will have to undergo this procedure again.

b. In addition to the chest X ray, the NDU Infirmary offers radiology x-ray services for emergency fractures. Students pay 80% of the medical expenses upon receiving the services, which is equivalent to what they claim from the NSSF.

c. The Centre de Biologie Moleculaire et Polyvalente BMP provides technicians to administer the various tests and examinations between 8:00 and 16:00 daily at the NDU Infirmary.

d. NDU reserves the right to request random blood-tests from any student to test for drug use or for any other medical reason.

The university physician is available twice a week from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Infirmary and is on call for any help and for free consultations 24/7 free of charge.

The university nurse is available on a daily basis from 8:00 to 16:00.

Serious cases are sent to the nearest hospital.

All students with medical ailments have to contact the NDU physician for validation within 48 hours of their sickness/injury. No medical excuses will be accepted at NDU unless validated by the NDU physician.

Counseling Services

The wellbeing of individuals in not limited to physical health but includes physical, mental, and emotional health. At NDU, counselors are available to serve and help the entire NDU community (students, faculty, and staff). This service is rendered with care, respect, and confidentiality.
Assistance is available for a variety of concerns which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • overall stress and anxiety
  • crisis intervention for individuals facing traumatic stress
  • problems related to eating disorders
  • concerns related to addiction (drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • personal issues
  • relationship problems
  • chronic illness
  • sadness and depression
  • difficulty adjusting to new situations
  • grief and bereavement counseling

Find out more about this service at the Infirmary or by contacting ext.: 2049

Insurance Policy

NDU students who have an accident when practicing any kind of activity inside or outside the university premises are insured up to $1000. Students should pass by the Infirmary during regular working hours in order to fill out the appropriate form.

If the accident occurs outside working hours, students should go to the Infirmary at a later date to complete the procedure.

This insurance service is in addition to the NSSF coverage.

For more information please contact ext.: 2049 or pass by the Infirmary

IV- Student Life Office:

Attendance Policy

Students should attend all classes and laboratory sessions on time. Absences, whether authorized or not, even if below the maximum number (specified below), may alter ones grade substantially. The SAO alone authorizes absences. No absence absolves a student from responsibility regarding the material presented during his/her absence. The maximum number of absences permitted in classes that meet on MWF is six; the maximum number of absences permitted in classes that meet on TTH and in the summer is four. Any student whose absences exceed the maximum limit shall automatically be considered as having failed the course unless the student withdraws.

Students who miss classes or exams should contact the University physician, Dr. Elias Chemaly, within 48 hours of their sickness. The NDU physician should examine each student before deciding whether a medical report should be given or not. The SAO will not issue any excuse without the approval of the NDU physician.

Dr. Elias Chemaly M.D. (Tel. # 03.725559) is available from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm at the Infirmary- SAO.

International Student Services

The international Student Services provides support for international students at NDU and assistance in whatever they may need. It also helps them to integrate into the NDU community, specifically with other students. International students are urged to pass by the Student Affairs Office upon arrival and on a regular basis.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found Office is operated from the Student Affairs Office. Articles found are to be turned in to the SAO. Persons looking for lost items may inquire at the office or call ext.: 2045. To claim an item, the person must clearly identify it. To help in recovering lost or stolen items, it is suggested that students put their names on their valuables. Items not claimed after sixty days will be considered abandoned

V- Student Facilities Office


The NDU Smart ID card identifies the cardholder as a current member of the university community. It is required for all administrators, faculty, staff and currently enrolled students at the University. It must be carried at all times. The ID card is the property of Notre Dame University; it must be presented upon the request of an appropriate University official, and may be revoked at any time by the University.

Cardholders may use the card to access various privileges and services throughout the campus such as parking, dormitories, Library, etc.

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to ID Card Services-SAO ext: 2306.

Campus Parking

Parking permits are obtained from Parking Services-SAO at the beginning of every semester. Parking permits must be displayed correctly at all times (lower left side of the windshield). All vehicles are subject to university parking regulations while on campus. Any vehicle parked in violation of parking regulations is subject to being removed and impounded at the owners expense. The university assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of private property. Students are required to abide by and respect the directions of the NDU security personnel.

VI- Student Housing Office

NDU Student Housing provides and promotes a living environment that is conducive to learning and encourages residents to use all the available housing resources needed to pursue their education at NDU, while abiding by strict rules and regulations related to academic life and values in an atmosphere of respect and integrity.

The student housing facility offers a safe, well maintained and reasonably priced residence for eligible NDU students. The new NDU dormitory complex is comprised of two wings, female and male which can host up to 400 students on campus.

Front Desk staff are present day and night, including a night duty nurse.

Each room is furnished with a single bed, computer desk, chair, cupboards, mini fridge, hand basin/mirror, blanket, bed & pillow covers, air conditioning, cable & internet connection, internal and external telephone service.

The facility is cleaned and maintained by professional cleaning personnel. Students rooms are cleaned on a weekly basis.

Applications for on-campus housing are made through the Student Housing Office-SAO. Students and their parents/guardians are asked to pass by the Student Housing Office, to be informed about the rules and regulations and visit the housing facility. Dorms' charges appear on the statement of fees issued to the student by the Business Office.

Paul Khoury
Dorm Manager
Student Affairs Office
Notre Dame University - Louaize
Zouk Mosbeh - Lebanon
P.O. Box. 72 Zouk Mikeal
Phone: +961 9 218950/1/2 (ext: 2998)
Fax: +961 9 211497

VI- Athletic Services

NDU's athletics programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to fully develop their physical potential and competitive spirit while engaging in a sports activity for fun and for health reasons.

NDU's Sports Office provides a wide range of sports activities including: basketball, volleyball, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, physical fitness, body building, tennis, swimming, soccer, handball, rugby, track and field, water-polo, table tennis, chess, etc.

NDU's athletic teams are trained by qualified coaches and participate in local, regional, and overseas tournaments earning recognition for themselves and the University.

A multipurpose gym for martial arts, body building, and dancing will be open soon.

VII- Student Activities Office

One way for students to be more involved in life on campus is through participation in extra curricular activities by being active members in clubs and societies. For a club to be recognized, its purpose must be consistent with the stated University by-laws and must have a full-time faculty member as an advisor.

The following student clubs and societies have been established for the academic year 2006-2007 to provide recreational and co-curricular activities.

In addition to club activities, the SAO office coordinates all other activities involving students on campus.

Student Union

The Student Union is the elected body representing students. It assists clubs and societies in the University in their extra-curricular activities that enhance the quality of education and student life in a way that increases student awareness about their rights and obligations, bearing in mind that the responsibilities of the Student Union toward the Administration, faculties, and student body are regulated by rules, regulations, and bylaws.