Undergraduate Registration

Academic Advising

Registration Eligibility
Registration by Abstentia
Late Registration
Improper Registration
Changes in Registration
Student Academic Load

Academic Advising

Upon admission and prior to registration, each student shall be assigned an Academic Advisor by his/her
Department Chairperson, upon the approval of the Faculty Dean. The Academic Advisor shall:

  1. Advise his/her advisees to observe the basis of admissions as set in his/her letter of acceptance.
  2. Make himself/herself available to his/her advisees during office hours, and when necessary
    by appointment, throughout the academic year.
  3. Assist his/her advisees to properly fulfill all requirements of the degree enrolled in.
  4. Study and update the files of his/her advisees throughout his/her residency at NDU.
  5. Make his/her advisees aware of and familiar with the University academic rules, regulations and policies.
  6. Explain clearly the:
  • Registration process
  • Course offerings
  • Course substitution
  • Course prerequisite
  • Course selection
  • Full-time (part-time) credit load
  • Degree planning

and other related matters. Hence, students are encouraged to consult with their Academic Advisors on
a regular basis all throughout their residency at NDU.

Registration Eligibility

An undergraduate student will be eligible for registration upon settling all previous pending issues (academic,
financial, disciplinary, administrative, etc… ) with the University at the concerned offices. Otherwise,
he/she cannot proceed any further toward his/her registration.


An undergraduate student must register on the date assigned to him/her by the Office of the Registrar by:

  1. Receiving their tuition statements from the Business Office.
  2. Paying the appropriate tuition and fees to the appropriate bank(s).
  3. Preparing his/her course schedule in accordance with the suggested program of study for their major.
  4. Registering courses from the Division of Computing Services or Advisor’s Office.
  5. New students should register in the Advisor’s Office by filling an appropriate Registration Form.

Registration by Abstentia

An NDU undergraduate student is allowed to register in abstentia (or by proxy) by some legally recognized
individuals (i.e., parent, sister, or the like) under justifiable reasons such as illness, being abroad, and the like.
Such a student shall be entirely responsible for discrepancies in his/her proxy registration, if any.

Late Registration

After the fifth day of classes in either the Fall semester or the Spring semester or the third day of the Summer
session the late registration period shall be scheduled and its fees shall be determined. No student may be
registered beyond this day for the current semester or the Summer session. During the late registration day,
a student shall follow the steps of the registration, as described in section IV of this policy. Further,
it shall be understood that students registering during the late registration day shall be responsible for all work
assigned from the beginning of the semester or the session. They shall be also subject to the requirements
of the attendance policy as of the first day of classes.


1. An NDU undergraduate student may be allowed to cross-register a course at another institution if:

  1. The course is not offered at NDU during the semester in which the student is expected to graduate.
  2. The course in which the student intends to cross-register is equivalent to his/her required course at NDU.
  3. The course does not conflict with his/her course schedule at NDU.
  4. The student has the Cross-Registration and Registration Forms signed by his/her Department Chairperson,
    and Academic Advisor as well as the Office of the Registrar and the Business Office.
  5. The student returns the appropriate Cross-Registration form(s) to NDU Registrar’s Office after
    officially registering at the other institution.
  6. The student has to submit an official transcript of records for his/her cross-registered course to the Office
    of the Registrar at NDU.

2. A non-NDU undergraduate student may be allowed to cross-register a course at NDU upon submission of
a written authorization from his/her institution allowing him/her to register for this course at NDU in accordance
with NDU undergraduate registration policy.

Improper Registration

Only officially enrolled students in a class are allowed to attend the class. The instructor of the class should inform
any non-officially enrolled student of his/her improper registration and should immediately report it, in writing,
to the Office of the Registrar, and should also ask the student to immediately proceed to the Office of the Registrar
for a settlement.

Changes in Registration

Changes in registration become effective and official on the date the approved completed form is submitted
to the Office of the Registrar, and accepted and processed, and the financial obligations resulting from these
changes are settled with the Business Office.

Adding and/or Dropping Courses

A student may add or drop a course or change a section in his/her registration schedule during the add/drop
day only. This can be done by:

  1. Dropping or Adding by himself/herself at the Division of Computing Services or in the Advisor’s Office.
  2. In the Drop/Add period, two modifications are allowed by the student.
  3. In case a section is closed, or a student wishes to wave prerequisites/co-requisites and the like, only
    during Drop/Add period he/she has to fill in a Drop/Add form to secure the concerned Dean’s signature.
  4. Receive his/her modified tuition statement from the Business Office.

Withdrawal From Courses

  1. Students may officially withdraw registration from courses without academic penalty by the late
    registration day and in accordance with the University Refund Policy. No grades will be inscribed on their
  2. After the late registration period students may withdraw registration from courses without academic penalty
    at any time prior to the 14th week of the Fall or Spring semester or the 28th day of the Summer session,
    upon approval of the course instructor. A grade of “W” will be inscribed on their records.
  3. Withdrawal after the deadline will result in the immediate assignment of the grade “F” or “UW”on the
    dropped course. No withdrawal is allowed beyond this period unless the student petitions the Academic
    Standards Committee, upon the approval of his/her instructor, certifying urgent reasons including but not
    limited to: sudden illness or injury of the student, serious personal or family problems.
    Once the petition is approved by the Academic Standards Committee, the Registrar will then be instructed
    by the PVP for Academic Affairs to assign the grade “W” on the dropped course(s). No credit is given for
    any of the course(s) withdrawn.

Total Number of Withdrawals from a Course
Students are allowed to withdraw from a course twice only. A third withdrawal from the same course will result
in an automatic “F” unless such a withdrawal is approved by the Academic Standards Committee.

Attendance after Withdrawing
Once a student has withdrawn from a course, he/she cannot continue to attend or audit this course during
the same semester.

Student Reinstatement
Upon return, a student with leave of absence shall petition the Office of the Registrar for reinstatement.
Those students on probation who have been approved for leave of absence will remain on probation
upon reinstatement. A student whose application for leave of absence has been denied may petition
the University Academic Standards Committee for final action.

Dropping a Course while on Probation
A student on probation may drop any course during the probation period.

Registration in a Course with an ‘I’ Grade
Students may not register in a course if he/she has an incomplete grade in its prerequisite(s).

Student Academic Load

Full-Time and Part-Time Loads
Registration in at least 12 credits for the Fall or Spring semester constitutes a full-time load for an
undergraduate student. Otherwise, it constitutes a part-time load.

Maximum Load for Registration per Semester
The maximum load for registration during the Fall or Spring semester by any undergraduate student is either
16 credits or the number of credits specified in his/her suggested program for that particular semester.
However, a graduating student during his/her last semester of registration or a student who has the
requirements listed below may register for a maximum of 19 credits per Fall or Spring semester.
- A cumulative GPA of 3.2/4.0 and above
- His/her advisor’s approval
- Sophomore English requirements completed
- Sophomore Mathematics requirements completed, if any
- Residency Requirements for the designated degree is met

Maximum Load for Registration in the Summer Session
The maximum load for registration by any undergraduate student in the Summer session is 9 credits or
less as determined by the concerned Faculty.

Maximum Load for Students on Probation
Students who are on probation may register for a maximum of 13 credits per semester of which at least 9
credits for courses that must be repeated, if any.

Maximum Load for Students with Incomplete(s)
Students who have two or more incomplete grades from a previous semester or the Summer session may register
for a maximum of 13 credits per semester unless these courses are senior projects or the like.

Maximum Load for Students with Cross-Registration
The combined load for students with both registration at NDU and cross-registration in another institution
must not exceed the maximum load stated above.