The Stone Wing includes three collections

Prehistoric stone tools used by Prehistoric Man some million years ago,
more specifically during the Neolithic period (10000 – 6000 B.C)
which was characterized by the discovery of agriculture and the
domestication of animals. 

These tools were found in Kaoukaba, the site discovered by Laure
and Frank Skeels in 1964, and they include knives, scrapers, polishers
and borers as well as tools used in agriculture, such as sickles,
axes and millstones.

A collection which includes minerals, rocks, precious and semi-precious
stones, such as topaz, opal, emerald, quartz, chalcedony, azurite, etc.
A collection of fossilized fish and specimens of plants found in the sites
of Haqel, Hjoula and Nammoura in Lebanon and dating back to
approximately 100 million years.