The Inauguration

The Stone Wing was officially inaugurated on March 9, 2005,
under the auspices of the Minister of Culture, Mr. Naji El Boustany.

Frank Ingle Skeels was born in Stamford, England, in 1919.
He married Laure Sader in 1947 and settled in Lebanon.
In 1963, they started to interest themselves in prehistoric sites and in 1964,
they discovered, the Neolithic site of Kaoukaba in the South Beqaa,
one which archeologists had long been looking for.
In 1967, they discovered many other sites, such us Wadi Rum in Jordan.
In 1975 they became interested in stones and minerals.
Frank Skeels died on March 28, 2000.  His wife Laure died in January 2002
and left the museum in the charge of Father Kamil Ephrem, the parish priest
of Al Fanar where the Skeels family resides.