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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price per credit?
Tuition fees

I have received my acceptance letter how should I proceed to pay the down payment for registration?
First you should obtain the social security clearance by filling the required papers. Secondly, you get the medical lab clearance and then see the down payment dates set and settle the fees at any branch of Byblos Bank or Bank of Beirut (payment details)

Should I renew the social security clearance every semester?
No, the social security clearance is done once at the beginning of every academic year and prior to the down payment.

How much do I have to settle as remaining fees for the current semester, and where?
After the down payment, the remaining tuition fees are divided into three installments, paid in any branch of Byblos Bank or Bank of Beirut. N.B: Don’t forget to consult your SIS.

When is the first installment due?
Your tuition is divided into four installments: one down payment and three equal installments settled during one semester. (schedule of payment dates)

Is the parking added to my tuition fees and how should I pay the fees?
No, your parking fees are not added to the tuition installment. You will have to settle the fees along with your first tuition installment at the specified bank on the due date.

Are the dormitory fees added on my tuition fees?
No, the dorms fees are not added on your tuition fees but paid along with the tuition installment at the specified bank on the due dates. Once you fill your dorms application you should pay a deposit at the Business Office, which will be refunded to you after you leave your room.

Can I have a detailed statement of account?
You can know all the details of you remaining fees by consulting the Student Information System (SIS).

If I need more information concerning my statement of account whom should I contact?
You can always pass by the Business Office for more clarifications or write your comments in the “comments and suggestion box” under the SIS

What are the payment dates for the whole academic year?
For your convenience and use, the payment dates are scheduled for the whole year (schedule of payment dates).

I have a full-time job and I want to be a part-time student
Prior to the down payment dates you should either pass by the Business Office or send an e-mail to notify us of the change.

I have missed the down payment deadline; can I still pay it and register on time?
Yes, you can still pay your down payment prior to registration day. The only problem you would encounter is that you would be penalized with an extra LBP/100,000/ added to your fees and would be late unlock your ID for registration.

I could not pay the down payment as my name and ID # do not appear at the bank; what should I do?
You should have your Social Security papers’ cleared prior to paying the down payment.

How much should my GPA be to get scholarship discount and what should I do to benefit from the scholarship discount?
Your efforts are recognized and compensated by percentages.

If I need to apply for financial aid, what should I do?
You should pass by the Financial Aid Office.

I have dropped a course during the drop/add period what are the charges added to my account?
Even though you have dropped during the drop/add period you should pay 25% of the dropped credits added to your tuition fees. During the Summer Session no refund for any dropped credits is given.(refer to refund policy)

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