Biology Laboratory Facilities

The biology laboratory is equipped with many facilities, which support teaching and research across the biology curriculum. Disciplines supported include:
Microbiology unit:  Autoclave,-Colony counters, Laminar flow hood, Incubator, turntables, etc…
Histology unit: Histo-embedding system, Incubator, Microtome, Water bath, etc…
Molecular Biology unit: Electrophoresis apparatus, Blotting system, Electroporator, Gel dryer, Hybridization oven,  RT-PCR, Nanodrop.
Cell culture unit: CO2 incubator, Inverted microscope, Flow cytometer.
Plant tissues culture unit:  Diurnal chamber, Environmentally- controlled room, etc…
Additional facilities:

  • Animal house: Environmentally-controlled rooms, Area for surgical procedures.
  • Green house:  Propagation room, Working/storage area.
  • Herbarium:  Microscopes, Mounting specimens.
  • Laser Scanning Microscope (LSM) chamber

Chemistry Laboratory Facilities

The Chemistry laboratory is equipped with up-to-date instruments which serve teaching and research in several disciplines, including:

  • Material Science
  • Life sciences-Material Sciences Interface
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Analytical Chemistry

The chemistry lab houses the Analytical Chemistry Unit (ACU) which is equipped to carry out extraction, purification, analysis, and quantification of substances in various samples.
The unit equipment include microwave digestion system, UHPLC equipped with different detectors and a fraction collector, GC, GC/MS, FTIR, AA, Capillary Elecrophoresis, Rancimat, and double beam spectrophotometer.

Geology Laboratory

Geology lab courses are held in the Sciences lab building and are enriched by a varied collection of rock forming minerals including silicates, carbonates, sulfates, fluorides and oxides, as well as a core collection of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Additional teaching support of sample specimens is provided by the Stone Wing Museum which houses a rich collection of minerals and archaeological items from Lebanon.