Faculty of Arts, Architecture & Design Academic Support Facilities

FAAD studios are designed to meet the various needs of Architecture, Art and Design programs. The studios are furnished with professional drafting tables and are appropriately equipped to provide support to all Architecture, Design and Fine Art courses.

MAC Computer Laboratory
Students have access to the up-dated Mac Computer Laboratory and the latest softwares to facilitate their performance. Furthermore, two adjacent special classrooms for Art History and other lectures are available for projection purposes.

Photography Laboratory
The photography Laboratory is a place where Architecture, Design, and Art students as well as other disciplines at NDU learn how to develop, print, and experiment with the techniques of still photography. The Lab is professionally designed and equipped to provide hands-on learning experience and optimal working conditions under the supervision of qualified instructors. The Photography Lab is equipped with up-to-date technology.

Present facilities are adequate for the housing of the activities of theater arts students. Also, a state-of-the-art theater is now available for FAAD students.

Dorothy Salhab Kazemi - Ceramic Atelier
This Ceramic Atelier is equipped with two kilns and several wheel tables. Students can enjoy manual work with clay (slab, coil building, throwing), and clay enamels powder glazing. The Ceramic Atelier has a terrace with view giving to the pine trees.

Metal & Wood Workshop
The metal and wood workshop has the necessary tools that will help Architecture, Interior Design & Visual Arts students in the creative process of their works.

Smart Rooms
The three smart rooms are fully equiped with computer hardware and softwares, LCD projector, and Projection panel. In addition, an overhead projector and slide projectors are available for all class sessions.