The effective management of information technology resources is crucially important to the success of the academic, research and public service missions of the Notre Dame University.
This policy provides a guideline for Wireless network connections to Notre Dame University’s internal network.


A. Wireless Network
means local area network technology that uses radio frequency spectrum to connect computing devices to college, department, and division wired networks and may connect to the Campus Network Backbone and the Internet.

B. Access Point
means electronic hardware that serves as a common connection point for devices in a wireless network. An access point acts as a network hub that is used to connect segments of a LAN, using transmit and receive antennas instead of ports for access by multiple users of the wireless network. Access points are shared bandwidth devices and can be connected to the wired network, allowing access to the campus network backbone.

C. Wireless Infrastructure
means wireless access points, antennas, cabling, power, and network hardware associated with the deployment of a wireless communications network.

D. Coverage means the geographical area where a baseline level of wireless connection service quality is attainable.

E. Interference
means the degradation of a wireless communication signal caused by electromagnetic radiation from another source. Interference can slow down or eliminate a wireless transmission depending on the strength of the interfering signal.

F. Client hardware/software
means the electronic equipment and software that is installed in a desktop, laptop, handheld, portable, or other computing device to provide a LAN interface to a wireless network.


This Policy applies to all wireless devices utilizing NDU network and is under the authority of the Division of Computing Services (DCS), which has the sole authority for designing, implementing, and operating all wireless standards access points on the campus.

DCS is responsible for providing a reliable campus network at NDU. No other department may deploy wireless routers, bridges, and/or DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) services on Main campus and in Dorms area.

Wireless Access Points require user authentication. User devices must support authentication to access wireless networks that allow connectivity to the Campus Network Backbone. (see more below on how to use your credentials).

DCS has the full authority to disconnect and remove, without warning, any unauthorized wireless access devices it discovers that are attached to the NDU network.

Wireless networks are not a substitute for wired network connections for NDU personals (staff, full time and co-academic)

Wireless Connection is limited to academic research browsing, other services such as Sniffing, Tunneling, Streaming, Chatting, non Ethical, Ads, Toolbars and Games are forbidden. Users that are found using a forbidden service will be disconnected from the wireless network for a period of time set by DCS.


To access the wireless network on NDU campus, you will need to know your NDU credentials. The credentials consist of account (without @ndu.edu.lb) and Pincode for students or password for Faculty members. If you need information on obtaining this information, please pass by the Computer Center and ask for Mr. Charbel Badr, Mr. Elias Khalaf, Mr. Azar Bassil, Mr. Peter Khallouf (Computer center, lower flow).

New Students cannot use the NDU WIFI system until their NDU credentials are created. This done after the Late registration period.

Dorms residents cannot use the Dorms WIFI Signals without the consent of SAO or Mr. Paul Khoury (09-218950 ext.2998-2583 or paul.khoury@ndu.edu.lb).

NDU IT department do not install, neither check nor review wireless device and its connectivity.You are responsible for any hardware and/or software malfunction.

To access the wireless network on NDU main campus you need

  1. Make sure that your Network Interface Card is DHCP enabled. If you know how to enable DHCP skip to step 2. For Windows XP users click here, for Windows Vista or Windows 7 users click here.
  2. Connect to NDU WIFI signal if you are a computer system or connect to NDU WIFI MOBILE if you are using a phone device.
  3. open any website, e.g., www.ndu.edu.lb then you will be automatically re-directed to logon form.
  4. set you NDU credentials. if your ndu email is MYNDUACCOUNT@ndu.edu.lb, then type only MYNDUACCOUNT without @ndu.edu.lb, and type in your credentials
  5. Follow on screen instructions.

For any other information do not hesitate to send an email message from your NDU account to webm@ndu.edu.lb specifying your case through your NDU Email account.