How it works.

The PEM application provides a method for the end-user to “Allow access” for items that have been improperly stopped, and to “Deny access” for items that have fallen through the filter system. In utilizing the new PEM, it is extremely important that the end-user understand the following:

All emails considered as SPAM have ALREADY BEEN BLOCKED / QUARANTINED by the filtering system. The only reason you are being made aware of their presence is so that you can decide whether or not they belong there. Each Spammed Email is automatically deleted after 30 days (from being isolated) without you doing anything more. You need not delete them nor need you put them in your Always Deny list. Putting those types of email senders in your Always Deny list is a redundant act that provides NO ADDED BENEFIT. The benefit in showing you that these categories have been stopped is to give you a chance to choose to receive improperly stopped emails and/or to add them to your “Always Allowed” list.

Utilizing PEM

The PEM system sends an email notification on daily basis (from Monday to Sunday). This email notification is important for several reasons.

  1. If you see the notification message in your junk mail folder, move the notification message to your inbox folder.
  2. The notification will NOT be sent to you UNTIL you have blocked emails.
  3. You can NOT access the system UNTIL you have received a notification message.
  4. Once you have received the first notification, you may access the system at anytime.
  5. The notification will contain a list of NEW emails that have been blocked since the last notification.
  6. The list of blocked emails will NOT include blocked emails that you have been previously notified of.

In this scenario (see picture) the list of emails are blocked by PEM and considered as SPAM. To allow any emails to reach your inbox simply click the “Deliver” link. Repeat this procedure for each email in the notification message that you wish to receive. The only thing left in the notification message is stuff you don’t want, you’re done. Delete the notification message.

In the same scenario (see picture), to always allow any emails to reach your inbox simply (and never isolate it), click the “Always Permit” link. Repeat this procedure for each email in the notification message that you wish not to be blocked.

All of the above actions were completed without ever needing to access the PEM system and we have resolved the first shortcoming of all email filtering systems, “Wanted emails are being improperly categorized and trapped by one of the filters”.

To resolve the second shortcoming, “Unwanted emails are making it through all of the filters and ending up in end-user mailboxes”, it will be necessary to actually access the PEM system and edit your “Always Block List".

Accessing the PEM

In the event that you are receiving emails in your inbox that you do not want to receive in the future, you will need to add them to your “Always Block List” list. On the right top of every notification email is a Web Access link to “Personal E-Mail Manager” (see picture). When you click the link you will be presented with a logon screen (see picture).

The email will already be filled in if you have accessed the system via an email link. The password is the same as your NDU email password (PINCODE for students).

Another window opens (see picture) asking for your patience. The import process may take 2-3 minutes depending on the volume of isolated messages.

From this screen you can add the PEM to your favorites, Delete all of the accumulated junk email, Search within the accumulated junk email and edit your Permit and Blocked lists.

To allow or block an entire domain, simply type the domain name, i.e.


  1. Items placed in your “Always Allow” or “Always Deny” list will be immediatly delivered to your Inbox or immediatly deleted, respectively. There is no need to access the system looking for them.
  2. Do NOT “Always Deny” SPAM. It is already blocked.
  3. Utilize the “Always Deny” list for unwanted items that reach your Inbox. Items matching your “Always Deny” list criteria will NOT be reported in the notification message.
  4. Utilize the “Always Allow” list for valid items that do not reach your Inbox.

For assistance utilizing the new Personal E-mail Manager (PEM), email Mr. Nazih Khalil at