Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

The FNAS provides students at the undergraduate and graduate levels with a modern and comprehensive education in all fields of natural and applied sciences This education develops both their theoretical knowledge and technical competence within the comprehensive objective of helping them build a rich cultural identity, sound citizenship, irreproachable morality and firm faith, in conformity with the University mission. Our full-time faculty members are predominantly Ph.D. holders who are engaged in research, teaching, curriculum development and academic administration. Curricula are constantly adjusted to meet acknowledged academic standards and to go along with new advances in didactics and research. The FNAS subscribes to a sizable number of scholarly journals to keep up with new scientific, technological, pedagogical and cultural developments. The science laboratories and the computer center are endowed with modern equipment that is regularly upgraded.

The FNAS consists of the following departments:

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Department of Sciences
  • Department of Physics & Astronomy

The Undergraduate Program
Each undergraduate program offered at the FNAS is composed of three components:

  • General Education Requirements (GER)
  • Core and Major Requirements
  • Free Elective Requirements

Undergraduate Degrees

The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of:

  • BS in Business Computing (94 credits).
  • BS in Business Computing (concentration: MIS) (94 credits)
  • BS in Computer Science (94 credits).
  • BS in Computer Science (concentration: IT) (94 credits).
  • BS in Computer Science (concentration: CGA) (94 credits).
  • BS in Geographic Information Systems (91 credits).

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of:

  • BS in Actuarial Science and Insurance (94 credits).
  • BS in Mathematics (90 credits).

The Department of Physics & Astronomy offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of:

  • BS in Physics (95 credits)

The Department of Sciences offers undergraduate programs leading to the degrees of:

  • BS in Biology (92 credits).
  • BS in Chemistry (92 credits).
  • BS in Environmental Science (92 credits).

The Department of Sciences also offers a Freshman Science program. This program leads to a certificate that is equivalent to the official Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II (Scientific Strands).


As of the  academic year 2008 - 2009, the FNAS launched five minors in:

  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Insurance
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Physics
  • Biology

The first three minors are offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the fourth by the Department of Computer Science, and the last by the Department of Physics & Astronomy.
Graduate Programs and Degrees
The FNAS offers graduate programs in computer science and mathematics that lead to the degrees of

  • Master of Science (MS) in Astrophysics (Joint degree with USJ)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science.
  • MS in CS (Computer Information Systems).
  • MS in Mathematics.
  • MS in Financial Mathematics
  • M.S. in Biology

This graduate program has two options: a “course-work” option and a “thesis” option.

All FNAS Programs of Study
The following table encapsulates, in alphabetical order, all programs of study offered by the FNAS along with the corresponding total number of credits required:

Programs of study Degrees, Minors & Certificates Credits
Actuarial Science BS 94
Biology  BS 92
Minor 17
MS 36
Business Computing Minor
BS 94
Business Computing (MIS) BS 94
Chemistry  BS 92
Computer Science BS
MS 30
Computer Science (IT) BS
MS 30
Computer Science (CGA) BS 94
Environmental Science BS 92
Freshman Science Certificate Min. of 30
Geographic Information Systems BS 91
Minor 15
Mathematical Insurance Minor 18
Mathematics  BS
MS 33
Minor 15
Financial Mathematics MS 33
Physics BS 95
  Minor 16
Astrophysics MS 36