Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences
Historical Overview

Although the FNAS was established since the official inception of NDU in the academic year 1987-1988, it was only in 1991-1992 that our Faculty started legally, with licensed diplomas, by offering two majors: a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Mathematics (Date of the legal licensing for both: 16/5/1991) . Each major was affiliated to a separate department, the Department of Computer Science (DCS) and the Department of Mathematics (DM), respectively. Currently, FNAS consists of four departments. As of 1995-1996, the DM was renamed the department of mathematics and statistics. In addition to the previous ones, it houses the department of Sciences (DS) and the department of physics and astrophysics (DPA). The DPA grew out of the DS as of October 1st 2010.

The following tables summarize, per department, the chronology of the degrees offered (or previously offered) by the FNAS:

Programs Department Licensing Dates
B.S. Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics 16/05/1991
B.S. Actuarial Science Mathematics and Statistics 03/06/1993
B.S. Applied Statistics Mathematics and Statistics 24/03/2000
M.S. Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics 30/11/2001
M.S. Financial Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics 26/3/2012
M.S. Actuarial Sciences Mathematics and Statistics 16/7/2013

Programs Department Licensing Dates
B.S. Computer Science Computer Science 16/05/1991
M.S. Computer Science Computer Science 14/01/1994
B.S. Geographic Information Systems Computer Science 24/03/2000
B.S. Business Computing Computer Science 24/03/2000

Programs Department Licensing Dates
B.S. Biology Sciences 25/11/1993
M.S. Biology Sciences  
B.S. Environmental Science Sciences 23/01/1997
B.S. Medical Lab Technology Sciences (until October 1, 2008) 24/03/2000
B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics Sciences (until October 1, 2008) 01/10/2004
B.S. Chemistry Sciences 15/04/2005
Freshman Sciences Program Sciences 1997

Programs Department Licensing Dates
B.S. Physics Physics and Astrophysics 24/01/2000
M.S. Astrophysics Physics and Astrophysics 23/07/2010

The following tables list the names and mandates of the Faculty deans and the department chairpersons since the licensing of the first FNAS programs of study in 1991-1992:

FNAS Dean Mandate
Dr. Michel Kraidy 01/10/91 09/30/1993
Dr. George Eid 01/10/93 09/30/2000
Dr. Youssef Kamal El-Hage 01/10/2000 08/02/2001
Dr. Jean Fares 09/02/2001 30/09/2006
Dr. Youssef Kamal El-Hage 01/10/2006 30/09/2009
Dr. George Eid 01/10/2009 – present

Chairperson - DCS Mandate
Mr. Pierre Khorassandjian 01/10/1991 30/09/1995
Dr. George Maani (acting) 01/10/1995 30/09/1996
Dr. Jean Fares 01/10/1996 30/09/1997
Dr. Fouad Chedid 01/10/1997 30/09/2001
Dr. Hoda Maalouf 01/10/2001 28/02/2006
Dr. Hikmat Farhat 01/03/2006 30/09/2008
Dr. Fouad Chedid 01/10/2008 30/09/2010
Dr. Hoda Maalouf 01/10/2010 – present

Chairperson - DMS Mandate
Dr. Jean Fares 01/10/1994 08/02/2001
Dr. Amer Jajou 09/02/2001 30/09/2006
Dr. Elias Saleeby 01/10/2006 30/09/2008
Dr. Ramez Maalouf 01/10/2008 30/09/2010
Dr. Bassem Ghalayini 01/10/2010 – present

Chairperson - DS Mandate
Dr. Layla Khalaf 01/10/1997 30/09/2001
Dr. Doris Jaalouk 01/10/2001 30/09/2004
Dr. Tanos G. Hage 01/10/2004 30/09/2007
Dr. Antoine Farhat 01/10/2007 30/09/2008
Dr. Tanos G. Hage 01/10/2008 30/09/2010
Dr. Colette Kabrita 1/10/2010 – present

Chairperson - DPA Mandate
Dr. Bassem Sabra 1/10/2010 – present