The Department of Science
Mission & Vision

Department of Sciences (DS) Mission Statement
The Department of Sciences (DS) offers coherent and well-designed program curricula to provide in depth-knowledge to students interested in the biological, chemical and closely-related sciences. It is committed to furnish quality education through an inherent assortment of major courses. The DS also emphasizes moral integrity and ethics as to prepare competent, fully-rounded students who can be leaders in their respective field of study.

Department of Sciences (DS) Vision Statement
The vision of the Department is to graduate 75 % of admitted students as life-long learners and influential professionals in the diverse science programs in a maximum of four and two years for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively.

B.S. in Biology Degree Program Mission Statement
The Biology program at NDU-Louaize is coherently designed to provide undergraduates with a rich scope in biology to prepare potential scientists to be competent in their field. It also equips its students with the educational background that enables them to join graduate and medical schools. Furthermore, the program expands the knowledge in the life sciences to non-majors by highlighting the impact of biology on daily life and society.

B.S. in Chemistry Program Mission Statement
The Chemistry program at NDU-Louaize is committed to provide students with high quality education in preparation for professional and graduate chemistry-related careers. To achieve its mission of academic excellence, the program integrates a judiciously-designed comprehensive curriculum and a research module for a sound academic, professional, and personal development of students.

B.S. in Environmental Science Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Environmental Science program at NDU-Louaize is to provide high quality education through rigorous interdisciplinary approach. The program emphasizes the study of interactions between environmental processes and human behavior, in addition to environmental problem solving.

M.S. in Biology Program Mission Statement
The MS Biology Program at NDU-Louaize is designed to provide graduates with in-depth knowledge in advanced topics in biology. The curriculum, through course and thesis requirements, trains students to be independent thinkers who are able to identify specific research problems in biology and investigate them.

M.S. in Industrial Chemistry Program Mission Statement
The MS program in Industrial Chemistry at NDU-Louaize aims at preparing highly qualified students in the field. It is designed on the principles of interactive learning and hands-on research proficiency. The program includes a thesis that paves the way for pursuing careers in applied chemistry and/or enrolling in PhD programs.