Minor in Biology (17 credits)

The minor in Biology offers students a basic understanding of majors concepts in biology through classroom and laboratory courses. Biology is a dynamic scientific field in view of the many discoveries and their impact on society, such as the human genome project and the development of the world’s first “synthetic cell”. By enrolling in the Biology minor, students will have a well-rounded education that will complement their major field of study and will improve their competitiveness in the job market. This minor will be most attractive to students in the medical and health sciences.
Admission requirements
General requirements for admission to this minor are those of the University policy on Undergraduate Academic Minors. No additional requirements are needed.
Curriculum requirementsStudents enrolled in minor in Biology must complete, 17 credits of biology courses as follows:
The following two courses (8 credits)
                BIO 211 General Biology I, 4cr.
                BIO 212 General Biology II, 4 cr.
These courses (9 credits) selected from two pools of courses as follows:
                Any one course (3 credits) from the following pool:
                BIO 215 Human Physiology, 3 cr.
                BIO 220  Genetics, 3 cr.
                Any two courses (6 credits) from the following pool:
                BIO 322 Virology
                BIO 314  Ecology
                BIO 316  Economic Botany
                BIO 420  Neurobiology and Behavior
Graduation requirements
The overal GPA Should be a minimum of 2.0.