Minor in Mathematical Insurance (18 credits)

This minor introduces students to the mathematical foundation of risk assessments under an insurance context. It suits students majoring in Business, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering interested in developing their understanding of future risk evaluation.

Admission Requirements
General requirements for admission to this minor are those of the University policy on Undergraduate Academic Minors. No additional requirements are needed.

Pool of Courses
ACS 310; ACS 314; ACS 324; MAT 205 or MAT 206; MAT 213; MAT 325 or MAT 326; STA 207 or STA 210.

Graduation Requirements & Suggested Schedule
To satisfy the graduation requirements of a minor in mathematical insurance, a student must pass six courses from the pool of courses as follows:

  • Students with a deficient background in mathematics can exclude ACS 324, while students with a syfficient background in mathematics can take the 3 ACS courses and 3 other math courses from the pool.

“D” is the passing grade for each course, and the minor should be completed with a GPA of 2.0.