The Minor in Mathematics (15 credits)

This minor is intended primarily for students in fields of study that require strong mathematical skills such as Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics. Dependent on the choice of courses, the student can, for instance, enhance his understanding in the areas of real and complex analysis, algebra, and/or numerical analysis.

Admission Requirements
General requirements for admission to this minor are those of the University policy on Undergraduate Academic Minors. A minor in Mathematics may not include more than two courses (6 credits) which are counted in the student’s “Major Requirements” category.

Pool of Courses
MAT 215; MAT 224; MAT 235; MAT 305; MAT 324; MAT 325; MAT 326; MAT 333; MAT 335; MAT 339; MAT 411; MAT 412; MAT 418

Graduation Requirements & Suggested Schedule
To satisfy the requirements of a minor in mathematics, a student must pass five courses from the pool of courses as follows:

“D” is the passing grade for each course, and the minor should be completed with a GPA of 2.0.