The Degree of Bachelor of Law

In its academic endeavor to fullfil its mission and as essential part of the implementation of its share of the NDU Mission in building “enlightened citizenship” for a civil society and “world of truth, justice, love and freedom,” under the rule of law, the Faculty developed the program of Bachelor of Law that answers the need for a better education of Law.

The new program adds the English language component and the American educational approach to law studies. It maintains excellence in the coverage of the State required materials and augments them with a wealth of additional courses dealing with contemporary and futuristic topics, and using the most advanced teaching methodologies and techniques. Our graduating lawyers will enrich the profession with new expertise and perceptions, acquired with the highest international standards of academic excellence, enhancing their service capabilities to the community and the employability with local, regional and international firms, properly connecting Lebanon and its institutions to the globalized markets, laws and systems.


Acknoweldging the Rule of Law as the core premise for societal civility and development, the program aims at providing students with the most evolved education of public, private, and international Law. It also aims at graduating successful lawyers who emerge as professional and societal leaders in pursuit of justice; commiting themselves to ethical service of clients and the public, defending Human Rights and stand out as the ultimate vanguards of proper Citizenship and the Rule of Law.

Degree Requirements (139 crs.)

General Education Requirements (12 cr.)

Communication Skills in English and Arabic (9 cr.)
Communication Skills in English: ENL 213 & ENL 223 or ENL 230 (6 cr.)
Communication Skills in Arabic, One course from: ARB 211, ARB 212, ARB 224, ARB 231, ARB 317 (3 cr.)

Religion (3 cr.)
Religion, One course from: REG 212, REG 213, REG 313, REG 314

Core Requirements (41 cr.)

LAW 250, LAW 251, LAW 252, LAW 253, LAW 254, LAW 350, LAW 351, LAW 352, LAW 353, LAW 450, LAW 451, LAW 452, LAW 453, LAW 454

Major Requirements (78 cr.)

LAW 201, LAW 202, LAW 203, LAW 204, LAW 205, LAW 206, LAW 207, LAW 208, LAW 301, LAW 302, LAW 303, LAW 304, LAW 305, LAW 306, LAW 307, LAW 308, LAW 309, LAW 310, LAW 311, LAW 401, LAW 402, LAW 403, LAW 404, LAW 405, LAW 406, LAW 495

Major Electives (8 cr.)

LAW 260, LAW 261, LAW 262, LAW 263, LAW 264, LAW 265, LAW 360, LAW 361, LAW 362, LAW 363, LAW 364, LAW 365, LAW 366, LAW 367, LAW 368, LAW 369, LAW 370, LAW 371, LAW 460, LAW 461, LAW 462, LAW 463, LAW 464, LAW 465, LAW 466, LAW 467, LAW 468, LAW 469, LAW 470