The Faculty of Law & Political Science
Historical Overview

The Faculty of Law & Political Science was founded and licensed in 2000. However, its core program of Management in International Affairs and Diplomacy was initially established in 1993 within the Faculty of Business Administration and later hosted in the Faculty of Humanities, before it became a separate Faculty at NDU as of 2000.
The rapid evolution of the new Faculty was the outcome of a dedicated collaborative effort of the expert faculty members and administrators who undertook a continuous process of course development and program design. The incorporated new programs include, in addition to the International Affairs and Diplomacy, MA level concentrations in International Law and Comparative Law; Bachelor and Master degrees in Political Science, with undergraduate concentrations in American Studies, Euro-Mediterranean Studies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); and Bachelor and Master degrees in Public Administration.
Subsequently, the Faculty of Law & Political Science introduced new MA concentrations in Human Rights and NGOs, under the major of Political Science. This was an integral part of our continuous efforts to implement further curricular innovations towards the accomplishment of a comprehensive structural transformation into a Faculty of Law and Politics. To that effect, we are currently developing BA and MA degrees in Public Law and Corporate Law, and a PhD in Political Science.