The Degree of Master of Arts in International Affairs & Diplomacy
International Law Concentration


In an increasingly interactive world influenced by state and non-state actors in which governments, peoples, and large varieties of organizations and multinational corporations interact on a daily basis through an enormity of contracts, regulations, laws and procedures, it has become required that higher educational institutions stress in their academic curricula the importance of International Law. This specialty helps students understand the basic different legal systems applied in international relations.

Admission Requirements
Compliance with the general rules and regulations applied by NDU in the general Catalogue.

Graduation Requirements
Successful completion of 36 semester credits with an overall GPA of at least 3.0/4.0. Courses are divided into:

Core Requirements (9 cr.)

IAF 601, PAD 604, POS 681

Major-related Electives: choose 5 courses (15 cr.)

Choose any 5 INL courses from those listed in the catalog.
CPL 611 is considered a major related elective

Free Electives (6 or 12 cr.)

Option I: Thesis (INL 699) in addition to 30 credits of course work.

Option II: Successful completion of 36 credits of course work culminating in a comprehensive written and oral exam.