The Degree of Master of Arts in International Affairs and Diplomacy

The program is designed to provide students with indepth knowledge in international affairs and diplomacy, national foreign service, and contemporary political and economic issues. It offers a variety of courses in international relations, comparative government, international organizations, international law, and draws on some courses in economics and business.

Admission Requirements
Refer to the University graduate admission policy.

Graduation Requirements
Students seeking the degree of M.A. in International Affairs and Diplomacy must meet the University graduation requirements and complete one of the following two options with a G.P.A. of at least 3.0/4.0:

  1. 36 credits of course work in addition to a comprehensive written and oral examination;
  2. successful completion of 30 credits course work and six credits thesis.

Core Requirements (9 cr.)

IAF 601, PAD 604, POS 681

Major-related Electives (12 cr.)

Choose 5 courses from IAF 602, IAF 604, IAF 605, IAF 609, IAF 615, IAF 621, IAF 631, IAF 632, IAF 633, IAF 641, IAF 645, IAF 651, , POS 611, POS 661

Free Electives (9 or 15 cr.)

Option I: Thesis (IAF 699) in addition to 30 cr. Of course work

Option II : Successful completion of 36 credits of course work culminating in a comprehensive written and oral exam.