The Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science NGOs Emphasis

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role in creating an open and viable democratic society. This rapidly expanding sector faces the challenges posed by the transition economy and society, and Lebanese and Middle East NGO managers point out the lack of managerial skills as their main problem in coping with these realities. The results of surveys of the NGO sector in this region confirmed that there is a great interest in conceptual knowledge on NGO management as a science and profession. Existing short-term training programs and seminars, proposed mostly by the NGOs themselves, can provide the participants with operational skills, but fundamental practical and theoretical knowledge is needed.

We see the Degree Program of training in NGO management and civil society to be a most adequate option for developing a stratum of professional managers in this sector in Lebanon and the Arab World. The Program allows to match basic management education with NGO management and civil society specialized knowledge and skills. The Program will be realized through BA and MA degrees in the Semester format, built up of 1575 and 540 academic hours respectively of in-class work in total. Special courses have been designed for the Program and a resource library is built up for the use of students and teachers.

This program is designed to provide students with broad knowledge in the field of International and Civil Society Organizations and specifically NGOs and NPOs. Acquaintness of the Third Sector, Development Cooperation, Civil Society Organizations, government institutions, multi-lateral and bilateral back-donors, networking with multinational corporations, and, among others, media enterprises and the like, will be part of the curricula at large. Graduates will be prepared to work in several career areas, specifically in independent international, regional and local organizations and those that operate under the umbrella of the United Nations and its various agencies, as well as other major development actors in the MENA-region and Arab World and beyond.

Admission Requirements
Applicants must pass the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II (any strand) or its equivalent as identified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. They are required to sit for an English Entrance Test (EET) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Graduation Requirements
You will need to complete:

  • 33 credits of General Education Requirements; as the name indicates, those credits consist of 9 courses introducing basic knowledge of English and Arabic proficiency, political science, history, general science and humanities.
  • 48 credits of Major Requirements; 16 courses will bring you to the world of NGOs, Civil Society and Development, and more specifically into the role of the NGOs in Lebanon and the MENA region, their concerns and the management of NGOs, in addition to elementary knowledge of international relations and organizations, public administration and public policy.
  • 18 elective credits chosen from the wide range of courses offered in the Faculty of LPS.
  • 6 free elective credits; 2 courses selected from the whole university course offering.

Suggested Program

Fall Semester I (15 Credits)
NGO 201 Intro. To NGOs and Civil Society 3 cr.
ENL 222 Sophomore Rhetoric 3 cr.
NGO 202 Intro. to Development Theory 3 cr.
CSC 201 Computer & Its Use 3 cr.
___ ___ GER 3 cr.
Spring Semester I (15 Credits)
NGO 203 Intro. To NGO Management 3 cr.
ENL 235 Technical English 3 cr.
NGO 204 Civil Society in the MENA-region & Arab World 3 cr.
ECN 212 Macro economics 3 cr.
___ ___ GER 3 cr.
Summer Session I (6 Credits)
IAF 211 Introduction to International Relations 3 cr.
___ ___ GER 3 cr.
Fall Semester II (15 Credits)
NGO 301 Intro. To Organization Development 3 cr.
PAD 201 Introduction to Public Administration 3 cr.
IAF 407 International and Regional Organization 3 cr.
NGO 302 Human Resource Management 3 cr.
POS 350 Comp. Gov. & Politics 3 cr.
Spring Semester II (15 Credits)
POS 442 Lebanese Const. Law 3 cr.
POS 353 Governments of the Middle East 3 cr.
NGO 303 Financial Management 3 cr.
___ ___ Major Elective 3 cr.
___ ___ GER 3 cr.
Summer Session II (9 Credits)
___ ___ Major Elective 3 cr.
___ ___ Free Elective 3 cr.
___ ___ Free Elective 3 cr.
Fall Semester III (15 Credits)
POS 382 Research Methods 3 cr.
NGO 401 Civil Society and Advocacy 3 cr.
NGO 402 Humanitarian Assistance 3 cr.
NGO 403 Social Policy 3 cr.
POS 345 Ethics & Leadership 3 cr.
Spring Semester III (15 Credits)
NGO 404 International Cooperation 3 cr.
NGO 490 Special Topics 3 cr.
NGO 405 Management of Social Institutions 3 cr.
POS 421 Environmental Pol. 3 cr.
NGO 406 Corporate Social Responsiblity 3 cr.