One-on-one tutorials. Sessions are 30 minutes, and we offer assistance in writing for any subject.

Small-group tutorials. Occasionally students working on the same or similar writing assignments work collaboratively in small-groups, reviewing and responding to one another's writing. The writing tutor facilitates these peer review sessions, providing direction, questions and feedback.

Walk-in tutorials. We offer a limited number of walk-in appointments. If we have a cancellation or a free spot, a walk-in student can fill that time slot.

The Writing Center offers a series of workshops, covering a range of topics relative to writing and software applications.

Computers and software.  The Writing Center has 8 computers; most are connected to the Internet. Several software programs provide assistance in generating & organizing ideas, improving grammar/mechanics, writing resumes, grammar drill and practice and more.  Please see our links page for a continuously growing list of sites related to writing.

Handouts. We provide a wide variety of useful handouts, covering topics such as documenting sources, writing a thesis statement, developing paragraphs, and proofreading.

Resource books. We share our resource materials with interested students and faculty; our library includes texts about teaching writing, critical analysis, essay writing and much more. 

What are we doing and what else can we do? After a tutorial (or several tutorials), students are asked to fill-out a Student Evaluation of the Writing Center and/or a Tutor Evaluation form. Please feel free to offer suggestions on how we may better serve you.