Are you looking to improve your writing skills? If you are, then the NDU Writing Center is here to help.

The Writing Center is open to all students, offering one-on-one or small group tutoring in a positive and stimulating atmosphere. Personnel at the Center believe that all students have the potential to acquire sufficient skills to function in an English language environment .

What We Do

  • Offer instruction in the strategies most needed for effective writing in an academic environment.
  • Provide a pleasant environment in which students can gain confidence in their ability to write in English.
  • Insure opportunities for students to practice writing in English across the entire curriculum and sharing their writing with a qualified tutor
  • Train students to use writing software that will allow them to work individually towards improvement.
  • Schedule small group workshops to encourage peer-writing exercises so that students can learn from each other.
  • Offer online grammar exercises, writing templates, and SAT and GMAT tests.

Tutors at the Writing Center are trained to serve students of all majors and levels, using effective strategies to help students understand the correct writing concepts.
All the services in the Writing Center are free of charge.
How To Prepare Bring your questions, ideas, notes, and assignment guides. Bring a hard copy of your essay or a first draft on a USB. Bring writing at any stage of your process.
The best preparation is to come ready to have a discussion about your writing. Students have worked with our tutors on generating ideas, checking the format of their references, and re-organizing paragraphs.
We have seen it all and welcome your work next!

All are welcome.

Writing Center ---------------
Faculty of Humanities – Pink Building
Ground Floor – Room HA 114
NDU extension 2375
E-mail: writingcenter@ndu.edu.lb