Faculty of Humanities
Intensive English

Mission Statement

The mission of the Intensive English Program at NDU-Louaize is to provide quality, academic English instruction to students who plan on full-time status at NDU. Classes are taught by faculty members who are experienced in both university writing courses in addition to intensive English courses and who emphasize the individual needs of each student.

Course of Study

The Intensive English Program has one level: Students are accepted into the course if their English Entrance Exam score is below that required for regular student status.

Courses are organized as follows:
Language Proficiency and Writing: 6 hours per week
Reading and Oral Skills: 6 hours per week

The Intensive English program is designed for completion in one semester.


Fall Semester: 15 weeks, begins in late September
Spring Semester: 15 weeks, begins in mid February

Program Characteristics

  • 70 C is a passing grade in Intensive English
  • 80 B in Intensive English entitles the student to enroll in ENL 110 the following semester
  • Only students who earn a D in Intensive may repeat the course
  • Students may enroll in 1 Math course while studying Intensive English
  • The writing Center is available for one-on-one tutoring free of charge
  • Students have free use of NDU facilities including the library and computer center
  • In addition to the rigorous academic atmosphere, students will also benefit from other activities including library tour, guest speakers, and upon request, the opportunity to sit in on classes in their prospective major.

How to Register

The letter of acceptance indicates the name of the academic advisor who is responsible for registration. Students must register in person with the advisor on the appropriate/designated registration date.

Contact Information

Department of English & Translation
Tel: 09-218950, ext Extension 2572
e-mail: gabdelnour@ndu.edu.lb