The Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts
Radio, Television & FILM Emphasis

The mission of the Radio and Television program is to prepare students for opportunities in electronic media production, programming and "on-air" broadcasting, scriptwriting, directing, and film techniques. In addition to a variety of courses in social sciences, English, and other GER courses, the program stresses the skills that will help prepare Radio and Television students in their careers. Introductory and advanced instruction in audio and video techniques are supported by hands-on experiences in our well-equipped studio.

Program Educational Objectives
The graduates of the program should be able to:

  1. Lead a productive career in the various areas of the field
  2. Apply the theoretical, practical, and technical skills in radio, television and film in the industries
  3. Employ creative talents and innovative skills in their chosen field
  4. Act ethically as media professionals
  5. Pursue graduate studies in radio, television and film research

Graduation Requirements
Students pursuing this major must complete a total of 103 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 / 4.0 in their core and major requirements.

The program culminates in a senior project that incorporates the skills acquired during the years spent at NDU. A “C” grade and above on this project is required for graduation. The 103 credits are divided as follows:

General Education Requirements (33 cr.)

Core Requirements (9 cr.)

COA 201, COA 359, COA 362.

Major Requirements (58cr.)

COA 225, COA 226, COA 272, COA 273, COA 275, COA 276,COA 310, COA 311, COA 312, COA 315, COA 325, COA 330, COA 430, COA 480, COA 490.

Students must choose one group of the following concentration areas: 12 cr.

Students must choose 9 credits from the following pool:

ADM 216, COA 203, COA 204, COA 210, COA 213, COA 215, COA 216, COA 223, COA 252, COA 313, COA 320, COA 350, COA 355COA 360, COA 365, COA 366, COA 367, COA 369, COA 370, COA 413, COA 416, COA 417, COA 475, COA 476, COA 499, CSC 202, CSC 277, CSC 343, FDP 201, FDP 214, JOU 210, JOU 310, JOU 340, JOU 460, MUS 211, MUS 221, MUS 331, MUS 475, PDP 201

Free Electives (3 cr.)