Minor in Advertising & Marketing(18 cr.)

The NDU Minor in Advertising and Marketing is comprised of 18 credits. Any student may elect to do a Minor in this area provided that he/she is in good academic standing that is if he or she has a G.P.A of 2.0/4 and above. A student can only count up to six credits which he/she may have taken from the list of the required courses for this “Minor” prior to electing a “Minor” in Advertising and Marketing.

Courses Required
ADM 216 Principles of Advertising   3 cr.
ADM 341 Media Planning and Analysis 3 cr.
ADM 352 Creativity and Copywriting 3 cr.
FDP 214 Basic Design for Advertising   3 cr.
MRK 311 Consumer Behavior   3 cr.
MRK 321 Promotional Strategy 3 cr.
ADM 351 E-Commerce 3 cr.
ADM 453 Global Advertising   3 cr.