Minor in RAdio and Television

The NDU Minor in Radio and Television is comprised of 17 credits. Any student with a good academic standing that is if he/she has a G.P.A of 2.0/4 and above may enroll in this minor. He or she may only count six credits which he/she may have taken from the list of the R/TV Minor requirements while pursuing another major.

Courses Required
COA 225 Lighting I 2 cr.
COA 270 Studio Workshop 1 cr.
COA 275 Editing I 2 cr.
COA 312 TV Production Techniques 3 cr.
COA 310 Scriptwriting 3 cr.
COA 330 Documentary and Non Theatrical Film 3 cr.
COA 311 Radio Programming 3 cr.
And one course from the following
COA 325 Directing and Acting Skills 3 cr.
COA 430 Television Drama 3 cr.
COA 457 Cinematography 3 cr.
COA 475 Computer Graphics and Animation 3 cr.