The Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Marketing (102 Cr.)

The mission of the advertising sequence is to prepare students for careers in account handling, media planning and management, and creative roles in advertising agencies, in-house advertising, and in the media. The program also incorporates principles of marketing, consumer behavior, promotional strategy, and other pertinent courses.

Program Educational Objectives
The graduates of the program should be able to:

  1. Lead a productive career in various areas of the advertising and marketing industry
  2. Apply their linguistic, analytical, communication and creative skills to the further development of the advertising industry in Lebanon and the region
  3. Become lifelong learners and find success in their chosen field
  4. Act ethically as advertising and marketing professionals
  5. Pursue graduate studies in advertising and marketing research

Graduation Requirements
Students pursuing this major must complete a total of 102 credit hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3/4.0 in their core and major courses. These 102 credits are divided as follows:

General Education Requirements (33 cr.)

  1. Mass Communication students may satisfy their Philosophy requirement by taking COA 360 Media Ethics.

  2. Mass Communication students may satisfy 3 credits of their Citizenship requirements by taking COA 350 Current Issues.

  3. COA courses listed in the Cultural Studies and Social Sciences category do not satisfy GER requirements for Mass Communication students. These courses must only be taken as core or major courses.

  4. Mass Communication students must take STA 202 as 3 credits of the Science and Technology requirements.

Core Requirements (19 cr.)

ADM 466, COA 201, COA 230, COA 252, COA 359, COA 362, PDP 201

Major Requirements (46 cr.)

ADM 216, ADM 341, ADM 352, ADM 453, ADM 481, ADM 490, COA 270,COA 275, COA 316, COA 475, FDP 201, FDP 214, MRK 201, MRK 311, MRK 321

Students must choose 6 credits from the following pool:
ADM 351, ADM 450, ADM 468, ADM 469, BAD 201, COA 223, COA 311, COA 315, COA 350, COA 352, COA 360, COA 365, COA 367, COA 368, COA 499, JOU 210, JOU 310, JOU 323, JOU 340, JOU 341, JOU 450, JOU 460, JOU 461, JOU 465, MRK 313, MRK 433, STA 206

Free Electives (4 cr.)