Minor in Arabic Language and Literature (15 credits)

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this minor, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the different stages of Arabic Literature from its origins to the present time, including the most important Arabic writers and literary movements
  2. Apply standard Arabic grammar to produce advanced written texts and oral communications
  3. Connect literature with life and use literature to understand oneself and one’s relation to others
  4. Evaluate literary texts from the perspective of modern critical theories

In order to complete a minor in Arabic Language and Literature, a student must complete 15 credits with a passing grade of C per course.

Two courses below:
ARB 212 Applied Arabic Grammar
ARB 231 Technical Arabic

Two from the following pool:
ARB 211 Appreciation of Arabic Literature
ARB 224 Arabic Literature & Human Thought
ARB 317 Themes of Modern Arabic Literature in Lebanon (20th Century)
ARB 333 Modernism in Abbasid Poetry

One of the following courses:
ARB 302 Practice in Uses of Arabic
ARB 423 The Evolution of the Critical Movement in Lebanon
ARB 415 The Arabic Modernization Movement

Total number of credits = 15 credits