The Degree of Master of Arts in Translation

The mission of the M.A. in Translation is to provide students with advanced training in preparation for employment in various translation fields.  The program serves the needs and career goals of students and working professionals seeking to upgrade their knowledge in translation studies.

Program objectives:
The program will prepare students to:

  1. Develop expertise in accurate translation and interpretation of texts from and/or to English, French, and Arabic
  2.  Become researchers, applying information literacy skills as a fundamental component of sound translation and interpretation
  3. Pursue higher studies in a field commensurate with their knowledge of foreign languages and professional competences
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to ethical, professional conduct over a lifetime of professional practice

Admission Requirements
M.A. candidates must pass a written language proficiency test in French and Arabic. A grade of 70 or above is required in both exams. In addition, an interview in English, French, and Arabic is  required. If only a small deficiency in one of the three languages is detected, remedial courses will be required during the first semester. A “B” grade must be obtained in the remedial courses.

Graduation requirements
To satisfy the requirements for a Master of Arts in Translation/Interpretation, the student must complete 36 credits inclusive of thesis for the Translation emphasis with an over-all average of 3.0/4.0.

Translation Emphasis

Major Requirements (24 cr.)

TRA 610, TRA 620 or TRA 621, TRA 622, TRA 630, TRA 690, ENL 601             
8 credits from the following pool: TRA 631, TRA 632, TRA 633, TRA 634, TRA 635, TRA 636, TRA 637, TRA 638, TRA 639

Electives (6 cr.)

Choose 2 from the following: ENL 611, LIR 605, LIR 662, IAF 641, IAF 621, IAF 605, INT 610, or any two 600 level Courses.

Thesis (6 cr.)

TRA 699

Interpretation Emphasis

Major Requirements (30 cr.)

Complete the following required courses: TRA 610, TRA 620, TRA 621, TRA 622, TRA 630, INT 610, INT 620, INT 621, INT 622

Electives (6 cr.)

Choose 2 of the following: ENL 611, LIR 601, LIR 662, or any two 600 level BAD, COA or IAF courses.