The Degree of Master of Arts in English Language and Literature
Literature Emphasis

The mission of the M.A. in English Language and Literature is to deepen students’ knowledge of English literature and of the workings of the English language. Degree holders are equipped with the analytical and conceptual tools for further graduate study in English, or for a cereer in foreign language teaching, program administration , and communications.

Program objectives:
The program will prepare students to:

  1. Deepen their knowledge of English literature and culture across time and place
  2. Undertake complex analysis of written texts and other forms of discourse and identify the ways in which meaning is generated
  3. Display critical, self-reflexive and ethically-grounded thinking and judgment 
  4. Pursue doctoral studies in a variety of fields that build on their knowledge of English studies

Graduation Requirements

To satisfy the requirements for the Master of Arts in English, Literature emphasis, the student must complete 36 credits with an overall average of 3.0/4.0 including submitting and defending a thesis. Over and above these requirements, a candidate must take a three non-credit course in a second European language. Students may be exempted from this requirement if they:

  1. Sit for a proficiency test in the second European language and score 500 or above or
  2. Submit proof of proficiency certificate from an acknowledged institute of education.

Major Requirements (15 cr.)

ENL 601, LIR 605, LIR 662, LIR 699

Electives (21 cr.)

Students may select electives from the following:

LIR 604, LIR 606, LIR 607, LIR 608, LIR 609, LIR 610, LIR 612, LIR 613, LIR 615, LIR 616, LIR 617, LIR 618, LIR 619, LIR 620, LIR 626, LIR 627, LIR 628, LIR 629, LIR 630, LIR 634, LIR 635, LIR 636, LIR 637, LIR 640, LIR 682