faculty of humanities
note from the dean

The Faculty of Humanities offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in education, translation/interpretation, literature and language, psychology, advertising/marketing, radio/tv, and journalism/electronic media. In addition, the Faculty offers a BA in physical education. These programs are designed to prepare professionals endowed with a liberal education that prepares them to become civically-minded individuals in society.

The Faculty comprises four departments, a psychology laboratory, laboratory for interpretation, a writing center, and a studio of audio-visual arts. As of 2014-2015 the Faculty enrolls 965 students served by 180 full-time and part-time faculty members hailing from different disciplinary backgrounds.

Equipping our students with the skills of learning to live together in a diversified global society is at the heart of our mission. Throughout the years, the Faculty has graduated students who occupy professional positions in the local and regional market. Further, the Faculty continues to conform to the standards of accreditation to assure the quality of its programs through systematic self-study and internal assessment.

The Dean’s Office has plans for a number of scholarly activities this year. Stay tuned by visiting our website.

Kamal Abouchedid, Ph.D
Dean, Faculty of Humanities