History of the Faculty of Engineering

In 1993, a project for establishing the Faculty of Engineering (FE) was submitted to the Lebanese Government; in 1996 the FE was established by Decree no 9278. The four majors in the initial decree were: Civil Engineering (150 credits) Architecture (202 credits) Mechanical Engineering (150 credits) Electrical Engineering (150 credits), Computer Engineering (150 credits). After one year, in 1997, Computer Engineering program started at NDU-NLC. The first Engineering degrees were awarded in Spring 1998.

The name of the Computer Engineering degree was changed to Computer and Communication Engineering in 1999, by Decree No. 1948. In 2001, Computer and Communication Engineering program started at NDU-Shouf Campus; and in 2003, a major review of the Engineering programs took place to be in line with programs at the top-ranked US schools of Engineering. In 2006, the name of the Civil Engineering Department changed to Civil and Environmental Engineering.
In 2010, all engineering programs were updated to be in-line with the ABET requirements. At the same time, the Civil and Environmental Engineering program started at NDU-NLC followed by the Mechanical Engineering program one year later. In 2012, the first year of both CEE and ME programs was established at NDU-Shouf.

Deans of the Faculty of Engineering

Late Dr. Fares Helou (Acting Dean) 1996-1997
Late Dr. Fares Helou 1997-2000
Dr. Shahwan Khoury 2000-2006
Dr. Elias Nassar 2006-2012
Dr. Michel Hayek 2012-Present