The Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
Health Care Management emphasis

Health Care Management: Why?
The health care industry size is growing worldwide and throughout the whole Middle East. Growth is driven by the following:

  1. Increasing consumerism and health needs
  2. Advancing technologies
  3. Changing regulation
  4. Aging Population

In addition to providing effective care, todayís health care organizations urgently need to be effectively managed in terms of organizational issues, human resources, and costs. The health care management program at NDU provides students with business management skills and knowledge of healthcare delivery system needed to work in this growing field.

Business orientation is essential and the health care professionís tracks need preparation and exposure to the health care industry. There is a real market demand for graduates that are well educated in this field.

Program Objective
The BBA- Health Care Management option is designed to provide students with an understanding of the processes and structures of Health Care Organizations to enable them to be more effective managers. The courses taken in addition to the required common courses provide the students with proficiency in appropriate-management skills and decision-making.

This program has an innovative approach whereby the first year is common to all our faculty programs and the concentration courses start in the second semester of the second year. It has a unique market-oriented approach to curriculum design and course administration. All concentration courses will be tought by professionnals having a thorough experience in the health care industry.

Careers in health care management
This program prepares candidates for managerial responsibilities in both the private and public sectors of the health care industry. Health care management majors will be qualified for making a career in:

  • Long- term care facilities
  • National and international pharmaceuticals firms and medical suppliers
  • Insurance companies
  • Government and non governmental organizations (NGO)

Admissions Requirements
Applicants must pass the Lebanese Baccalaureate Part II (Any Strand) or its equivalent as identified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. They are required to sit for an English Entrance Test (EET) or TOEFL and a Mathematics Test.

Graduation Requirements
Students seeking the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration must complete a total of 106 credits with an overall average of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum average of 2.3/4.0 in the common core and major requirements. The passing grade for all Required Major (HCM) Courses is C. These 106 credits are divided into:

General Education Requirements (30 cr.)

Required Common Courses (48 cr.)

ACO 201, ACO 202, BAD 201, BAD 315, BAD 317, BAD 323, BAD 433, BAD 453, BAD 427, BAD 429, BAF 311, ECN 211, ECN 212, MRK 201, STA 206, STA 207

Required Major Courses (28 cr.)

HCM 301, HCM 302, HCM 401, HCM 402, HCM 403, HCM 404, HCM 405, HCM 406, HCM 407, HCM 408

Suggested Program

Fall Semester I (15 Credits)  
ACO 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 cr.
BAD 201 Fundamentals of Management 3 cr.
ECN 212 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr.
CSC 201 Computers and Their Use (GER) 3 cr.
ENL 213 Sophomore Rhetoric (GER) 3 cr.


Spring Semester I (15 Credits)  
HCM 301 Introduction to Health Care Management 3 cr.
HCM 302 Health Care Economics 3 cr.
ECN 211 Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr.
ACO 202 Principles of Accounting II 3 cr.
ENL 230 English in the Workplace (GER) 3 cr.


Summer Session I (9 Credits)  
STA 206 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics I 3 cr.
MRK 201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 cr.


GER 3 cr.


Fall Semester II (15 Credits)  
HCM 403 Health Care Strategic Management 3 cr.
HCM 404 Health Care Marketing Management 3 cr.
BAD 317 Organizational Behavior 3 cr.
BAF 311 Principles of Financial Management I 3 cr.
BIO 203 Discover Biology (GER) 3 cr.


Spring Semester II (15 Credits)  
HCM 401 Management of Health Care Organizations I 3 cr.
HCM 405 Health Care Financial Management 3 cr.
BAD 315 International Business 3 cr.
ENS 312 Environmental Health (GER) 3 cr.


GER 3 cr.


Summer Session II (7 Credits)  
STA 207 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics II 3 cr.
HCM 408 Health Care Internship 1 cr.


GER 3 cr.
Fall Semester III (15 Credits)  
HCM 406 Health Care Legal Environment 3 cr.
HCM 402 Management of Health Care Organizations II 3 cr.
BAD 429 Operations Management 3 cr.
BAD 323 Software Tools for Business Applications 3 cr.


GER 3 cr.


Spring Semester III (15 Credits)  
BAD 433 Business Policy and Strategic Management 3 cr.
BAD 453 e-Business 3 cr.
HCM 407 Seminars and Topics in Health Care Management 3 cr.
BAD 427 Human Resource Management 3 cr.


GER 3 cr.